Monday, September 30, 2013


Saturday was free museum day in the United States!  I was stoked.  Anything FREE, and I'm right there. :)
There is a museum called "The Leonardo" in Salt Lake that we've wanted to attend for some time, but it's always been too expensive.  
But, (you guessed it) we got in FREE! :)

They had a fun wall for babies in which all the blocks could be taken off.  C was in baby heaven. 
In front of the cool wall---C was not as impressed 
It was pretty fun.  It was really really really busy, but it was fun to have C see all the cool things.  
They had a fun Halloween exhibit within the museum.  We caught some good coffin pics, and baby C got to touch the static ball.  

It was so nice to spend some time with Mr. H.  It was fun to get out and see yet another of Salt Lake's treasures.  

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