Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An AMAZING Memorial Day weekend with L and J!

Lucky me.  I got to have my sister and her husband come visit this weekend while my boys were camping.  They got in on Saturday morning, Mr. H and C got back on Sunday, and then they left early Tuesday morning.

 I have to say, having two kids is A TON easier when there are four adults. :)

Saturday their flight was delayed for 3 1/2 hours!  That was a bummer, but I had a really relaxing morning, just me and T.  It was so great to see them!  We had lunch, and then took the bus into Harvard Square.  We toured Harvard, which was really pretty, but super busy, and we couldn't figure out how to get into any of the buildings.  Oh well.

We then went into some of the shops, which was super fun.  We hopped onto the T and headed into Kendall Square, where MIT is.  I had never been here before, and was pleasantly surprised.  It was really quiet and CLEAN!  MIT was fun, and we saw some cool buildings.  We ate at the BEST restaurant, called the Pleasant Toast.  It was so so good!  Things like mango sour cream and strawberry habanero dipping sauce and things.  We got back home and had a nice time hanging out.

Sunday we had a lazy morning and then headed to church.  After church, J gave me a photography lesson, and then we headed to Mt. Auburn cemetery.  Mr. H and C met up with us there from the camp out, and we had a fun time walking around. 

He sure loves his aunt L.  

There's a huge tower in the middle of the cemetery, that if climbed, offers this fantastic view of Boston. 

This fantastic family of four. :)
That night we played Mario Kart (thanks L for being a good sport), and played another fun game they had given me for my birthday.  

Monday morning we got up and headed downtown.  Boston is so pretty, and it did not disappoint.  We enjoyed the commons, and then made our way into North End.  We got the traditional cannoli, and then wandered for a bit and found lunch at Regina's Pizzeria.  This had some of the BEST pizza ever.  We made our way back to the Commons, and Mr. H and C went home for a nap.  We explored Beacon Hill and Back Bay, and wandered into Newbury Street and the Public Gardens.  It was really nice.  We got home, and our friends had a BBQ we attended, which was delicious.  That night some more gaming went on, and we had great conversations.

Acorn street!  I was so excited to see it in person!

I am so lucky to have such a great family, especially a sister.  She and J are a great couple, and they were so amazing supportive.  I felt like I had such a relaxing weekend. 

Ward Campout

Mr. H really wanted to take C on the ward campout this year.

I was really scared it was going to be FREEZING and miserable with a two month baby, so we decided to just send the two boys up.

It was in Sharon, VT, which is the birthplace of Joseph Smith.

They had a great time!  The first night it was really really cold, but it got more fun the next day.

Oh my little boy and his funny crooked smile. :)

SO EXCITED to roast marshmallows like Georgie! (Curious George)

Throwing rocks in the pond, every little boy's dream. :)

2 month baby!

Mr. T is two months old!!!!

The first thing of note to me is how chubby this baby is getting!!!
We LOVE his little chubby thighs and cheeks...such a squish! :)

Baby T killed it at his two month appointment:

11 lbs 12 oz, and 22 inches long!  We were so excited!  He's in the 30th percentiles for height and weight, and 50th for head.  

His hair is still very short and fuzzy, and it seems to me it might be a little lighter than C's.  We'll see.

His cooing has been so sweet.  He loves making noises, and loves when we mimic him.  

He LOVES to be held.  He hates being put down for any reason.  He also loves standing up.  

He's just barely started to seem interested in books.  

He hates his binky.  I think he is officially done with it, which is a major bummer.

He also hates being swaddled...he loves having his hands close to his face.

He's an amazing on the go baby.  He's really easy to take places and he handles all of it great.

His nights have not been too great... On the rare occasion he'll give me 4 hours, but it's usually 2-3.  :(  
I tried to get him on a schedule, which failed miserably.  We were both REALLY that lasted about five days.

We love little T.  

And because someone didn't want to be left out...

C is 2 yrs and 9 months! :)  

Favorite things to do: play outside, legos, play at the park and play with friends
LOVES his daddy!
Loves nursery, lasagna and going to Boston.

Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Thanks to some more amazing generosity from friends, we had some more pictures taken of baby T.  He was a little older, and oh so cute!!!  

one of my favorites---little C looks so handsome.  

Being a mom is really hard, but it's the way they look up at you that makes up for it.

C is SO soft with T.  We have never had to tell him to be softer, he just knows.  What an amazing big brother!

Babies first smiles equate ecstatic joy for parents!

This face