Thursday, October 30, 2014

one crazy month

Our little family got the opportunity to move into a new place!  It's a little crazy how it all worked out, and we had so many miracles happen along the way.  We officially didn't know until last Saturday night, and so this week has been one of packing.  We are really excited for this new place, and I can't wait to make it into our little home. 

Quick pics from our month:

*C lost my phone this month.  So, I was able to go pick up my first Smart phone!!!  Target had a great deal on the affordable Windows phone (only $50!)  and I can't even tell you what luxury I have felt with it.  You has a GPS and APPS! ha.  I feel so behind on the times, but I really have enjoyed it.  Also, it's nice to call and talk to people (hard to do that when your phone is missing) :) It's also fun to take pictures out on the go...not the best quality, but fun to remember.

I've been trying to do more fall runs with C...we have so much fun and it is beautiful!
It rains about once a week here and I love it!

C has become quite the lego master: he loves building!!!!  I love this part of him so much.

He's also been obsessed with building 'choo choo trains' out of anything he can find...including our DVDS :)

Taking selfies with mom with crazy hair!
We were able to go to Wilson is the coolest farmers market thing I have ever seen!  We did a haunted hayride and then looked around at all the amazing food.
He loves 'helping' me cook...he insisted on wearing his kiss the cook apron. :)

He loves to ride his bike!!!  He rides bikes, has me chase him and then we look for ants together.  
We went to our first trunk or treat!  It was a lot of fun, and C loved getting candy.  We had to come up with a costume really quick, and this was as good as it gets. :)  Mr. H called us the ghetto winnie the pooh family. 

Eeyore and Pooh...he was also asked if he was an elephant or a dog. 

Piglet and Pooh...not every girls dream to dress up as a pig for Halloween :)
Went to this random park with random murals of slightly creepy characters

Mr H scored free tickets to a private screening of Disney's Big Hero 6!  We decided to take C, and he was in baby heaven.  He loved wearing the glasses, and his little eyes lit up as he watched the fireworks over the Disney castle in the opening credits.  The movie was awesome, and it was so fun to all have so much fun together.

Pumpkin Patch Fail

This month has been a crazy one for our little family.

We kind of failed on the whole Halloween thing...
but I was determined to make it to a pumpkin patch.

Mr. H got out of school early, I looked up what I thought would be a great patch and we set off.  

Unfortunately, a 25 minute drive turned into an hour drive.

Also unfortunately I forgot a drink for poor C who had just finished a peanut butter sandwich.

So we had a lovely cry/whine/scream fest for about 40 minutes of our excursion.

We arrived at the patch just as the sun had gone down...

the patch was a little bit of a disappointment.

"Pick your Own" here meant walk into a field and decide which pumpkin to pick off the ground.

Clearly I was delusional when I thought it actually meant 'pick off the vine'.  It was tiny, we were the only people there and we were starving.

C did have fun picking his pumpkin and riding in the wagon, but had a complete melt down when we had to leave the wagon behind.  

Mr. H decided we should stop for dinner as it was late and we were still an hour from home.  

We put wendy's into our gps, which told us there was one 5 minutes away.  

We told C we would finally get a drink, but then proceeded to get lost trying to find that darn Wendy's for the next half hour.  When we finally reached it, we were elated.

I think that twenty minutes in Wendy's was heaven.  C was so happy to finally get a drink of water, and I was so happy we were on our way home.

We laughed about what a fiasco it had been, but that's what making memories is all about, right? :)


Thursday, October 16, 2014

little boys....

This morning we had our big ultrasound.

I'm not going to lie:
the morning started out rough: we were late to the appointment, went to the wrong place and then had a very grumpy tech.  

I was grumpy back...even though it was technically my fault for being late.  I was just thinking "hey---this is like my only ultrasound!  Please be a little more enthusiastic!" ha.  


Because she was grumpy, I have no idea if there are any problems.  However, everything looked great and she let us know that we are having a little baby boy.  

I was really surprised!  I was convinced it was a baby girl....which is how I was with baby C too....

after realizing that visions of little bows and dresses were not coming to pass...

I was able to get so excited for this little boy.
Seeing him kick his little arms and legs, and seeing his little body on the screen made my heart full.  

C was excited to know that a BOY is coming. 
Mr. H was too...who would have thought he would get two little boys that will absolutely adore him.

I'm so happy that we get to have the chance to have these little boys together.  
Little boys are so sweet, and I can't wait to be surrounded by all my little men!

Love his cheesy smile :)
I'm loving his little profile.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall hike

It was Columbus Day and lucky for us, Boston decides to celebrate!

Mr. H had the day off from school, and while he was really busy, we decided to go on a little hike to enjoy all the fall leaves.

We headed down to Blue Hills Reservation, and it was beautiful!  

C actually liked being carried in the back pack so that was nice (for me, not sure if it was for Mr. H).  

SO excited to be hiking!

View from the was like hiking up a BIG hill :)

love this boy.

There were all these red dots marking the trail, and that kept C entertained.  That and his apple.  :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mr. H is a quarter of a century!

Mr. H turned 25 this last week.  

He is such a great husband and dad. 
I feel ever since our little adventure out here to Boston I appreciate him so much more.

He has worked so hard to have a good attitude, be attentive and be a great dad.  

We had such a great day celebrating him.

We had french toast that morning and C enjoyed singing 'Happy Birthday DADDYYYYYY'.

He went to work, and C and I headed to my Dr's appointment.  It went great (baby sounded wonderful).  

He came early that day and we headed out for a fall drive.

We made our way up to Concord, MA.  It was beautiful.  The town of Concord was gorgeous and as perfect as you could imagine a New England town being.  

We explored Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  It was awesome!  I geeked out at Emerson's grave, Louisa Alcotts and Thoreuas.  It was wonderful.  Ha.  Mr. H was a good sport, so we made sure to not stay too long. 

Mr. H the headless horseman!

I love that people leave pencils.

Looking smart

We then made our way through the town to the battleground of Lexington and Concord.  It was gorgeous.  We loved it.  We enjoyed a picnic, and had fun chatting and watching C gobble up all the treats.  

We then took the scenic way home and made it home.  We enjoyed a blackberry pie and ice cream and opened Mr. H's presents.  He was blessed with generous family and had a great birthday.  

We spent the evening relaxing together and enjoying doing nothing.  It was lovely.

Happy Birthday Mr. H!!!!