Monday, October 6, 2014

Mr. H is a quarter of a century!

Mr. H turned 25 this last week.  

He is such a great husband and dad. 
I feel ever since our little adventure out here to Boston I appreciate him so much more.

He has worked so hard to have a good attitude, be attentive and be a great dad.  

We had such a great day celebrating him.

We had french toast that morning and C enjoyed singing 'Happy Birthday DADDYYYYYY'.

He went to work, and C and I headed to my Dr's appointment.  It went great (baby sounded wonderful).  

He came early that day and we headed out for a fall drive.

We made our way up to Concord, MA.  It was beautiful.  The town of Concord was gorgeous and as perfect as you could imagine a New England town being.  

We explored Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  It was awesome!  I geeked out at Emerson's grave, Louisa Alcotts and Thoreuas.  It was wonderful.  Ha.  Mr. H was a good sport, so we made sure to not stay too long. 

Mr. H the headless horseman!

I love that people leave pencils.

Looking smart

We then made our way through the town to the battleground of Lexington and Concord.  It was gorgeous.  We loved it.  We enjoyed a picnic, and had fun chatting and watching C gobble up all the treats.  

We then took the scenic way home and made it home.  We enjoyed a blackberry pie and ice cream and opened Mr. H's presents.  He was blessed with generous family and had a great birthday.  

We spent the evening relaxing together and enjoying doing nothing.  It was lovely.

Happy Birthday Mr. H!!!!

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  1. Yay for birthdays! I so wish I can go out there someday. Lexington and Concord??!? Awesome.