Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thomas, 15 months

Oh Thomas.

This little boy has a personality that refuses to not shine.  


22 lbs (Only 39 % on weight---how is that possible?)
30 inches

mama, dada, uh oh, AL right, NO, ball, more, banana, bye bye (with a wave)


Does a good 12-13 hour stretch, usually from 6:30 p.m. to around 7:30 or 8:00 a.m.  He sometimes takes two naps, but has been fighting this for awhile.   (THIS HAS BEEN AWESOME).  I will say it again, getting your sleep back is about the best thing ever.)

Thomas walks/tries to run everywhere.  He is trying to climb up on things, and he is not deterred by falling.  He can climb all the way up on the playground and goes face first down the slides.  Thomas has no fear. 

eating with silverware (he's really bad at it), his blanky, riding in the bike trailer, putting his shoes on to GO, being held, reading books( specifically "Hello Boston", "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Hop on Pop", doing anything Christian is doing, Bumblebee (the rescue bot), grabbing food out of the garbage, FOOD, slides, my cell phone,  and bath time.

Diaper changes, getting things taken away, being fed...basically anything that he is being forced to do, he dislikes.  And he is vocal about it.  (But as I was writing this list, I was thinking that I'm the same way, so oh well.)

Thomas loves being with all of us.  He loves doing things and being on the go.  He is a delightful boy, and he is so funny.  I really do admire his persistence and stubbornness.  He works so hard to get what he wants, and he doesn't give up easily.  He is so fun to snuggle with and give loves to.  His smile rocks our world.  Also his blonde fuzzy hair.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Acadia National Park

We were able to go to Acadia National Park with some friends over Labor Day.

Ok.  Maine is as DELIGHTFUL as you could ever imagine.

I may or may not have been begging Mr. H to see if he could take a job here some day.


We left Boston in the afternoon on Thursday, and had a delightful drive up.  The boys were gems.  Mr. H and I sure love road tripping together.  It was fun to go to two new states, New Hampshire and Maine!  We rented a house on Mt. Deseret Island, right in the park.  It was such a CUTE house...a cape with a giant yard, and best of all: fire pit.  

The next morning we headed out to do some hiking.  We found a fun hike that had beautiful tide pools, and then found an AMAZING light house.  Then, we put the kids down for some naps and went grocery shopping.  That evening the rest of the crew showed up and we enjoyed a delicious grilled dinner with some fresh, Maine Blueberry pie.  (pure heaven).  We were able to star gaze every night...the stars were incrediable.  Mr. H and I also slipped away on a little hike down the beach.  

Sorry for all the lighthouse pictures, but guys...these are REAL pictures!  Dah...I would love to back!
The next day was our go go day.  I went on a run with some of the girls, and then we headed to the beach.  This beach was stunning.  The forest literally ends right on the waves.  We enjoyed playing there, and then hiked out to Thunder Hole, which is where the waves crash so big that its supposed to sound like thunder.  We then went straight into Bar Harbor (the CUTEST coastal village I have ever seen) and enjoyed a lobster dinner.  We ended the night with the sunset over the harbor and some of the most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted. 

learning where dinner was coming from

Sunday morning we went to church, and then came back home and relaxed.  We took the kiddos on a little hike/walk down to the beach (Otter Cove) and played in the yard.  We made a Seafood Boil that night, which is where you boil corn, potates, shrimp, clams and in our case, sausage over the fire, and then dump it all out on picnic tables and put seasonings on it and eat it with your fingers!  It was AMAZING.  The kids loved it, and so did we!  One of our friends made some amazing bread in the dutch oven as well, and then we enjoyed a peach cobbler dessert.  What a great night.

The next morning, we packed up, did another run, and then ended the trip up at Cadillac Mountain.  Stunning views were ours.  


The drive home did not go as well (bummer), but we made it home safe and sound. 

This was such a stellar trip.  Mr. H and I talked a lot about what we want traveling to look like for our family.  We learned on this trip that it's all about the memories shared together that makes it worth it.  
Highlights I want to remember:
-salty ocean air
-lobster shacks EVERYWHERE
-wild blueberries sold on the sides of the road
-diamond like star sky
-dark, shady woods
-fun friends 
-my sweet sweet family.

One year in Boston!

We celebrated our one year in Boston.

What an amazing year!

We are loving our time here.  It's been such a growing experience for both Mr. H and me.  

We love having so many new places to explore.  We love getting closer as a family, and we love making great new friends.  

We are loving watching our boys grow up.  

We miss our families, and are glad we get to see them pretty often.  

I decided to make a 'boston' themed dinner to celebrate. 

We wanted to celebrate:
-we can drive downtown without a GPS!
-I can now parallel park with (nearly) no problems!
-we have experienced lobstah rolls, as well as the real thing
-our escapades getting lost in the city
-not having to move for a LONG time!!!
-and mostly, getting so closet together as our little family unit.

We made Boston Baked Beans, Durgin park Cornbread, and a Boston Cream Pie.

Note to self: NEVER attempt to make all of these at the same time ever again.

But, it was delicious.

We sure love 'our' boston!



Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beach Day!

I convinced Mr. H to take a day off and head to the beach with us.  We headed up to Good Harbor.

Such a dreamy place.

If you ever come and visit Boston, please let me take you to this beach!!!

Perfect, soft sand.

Lighthouse in the distance.

Clear blue water, with perfect rolling waves.

Anyway, we had a great time with the boys.  We are so proud of C.  He's been terrified of the water for a long time, and he conquered so many of his fears that day!!

This is what summer dreams are made of.

Not to be left out...our beach babe daddy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Half a Year Old

T is 6 months old today!!!

T is just over 16 lbs, and 25 inches long.

His hair is still unknown....still just as fuzzy as ever.

His eyes are brown, and he is about the sweetest baby ever.

A typical day looks like:

awake at 8:30

nap at 10:00
awake at 11:00

nap at 12:30

awake at 2:30

nap at 4:00

awake 5:30

bedtime at 7:30

He still is waking up 2-3 times a night.  Lately he's been eating a lot at night.  So that's a bummer.

But he's truly an amazing napper.  He falls asleep in minutes.  He pulls his little blanket up and chews it, and then zonks out.  

T is siting up so well.  He has starting dancing to music, which is pretty fun.  He LOVES being played with.  He lights up when C comes into the room, and he loves giggling and having fun.  He loves the swings at the playground.  We started solids, and we've tried zucchini, prune juice, avocados and bananas.  He's liked all of it. 

T is as sweet as a baby as I could ever ask for.  He has such a well natured personality, and it's so fun seeing him grow up.