Thursday, October 16, 2014

little boys....

This morning we had our big ultrasound.

I'm not going to lie:
the morning started out rough: we were late to the appointment, went to the wrong place and then had a very grumpy tech.  

I was grumpy back...even though it was technically my fault for being late.  I was just thinking "hey---this is like my only ultrasound!  Please be a little more enthusiastic!" ha.  


Because she was grumpy, I have no idea if there are any problems.  However, everything looked great and she let us know that we are having a little baby boy.  

I was really surprised!  I was convinced it was a baby girl....which is how I was with baby C too....

after realizing that visions of little bows and dresses were not coming to pass...

I was able to get so excited for this little boy.
Seeing him kick his little arms and legs, and seeing his little body on the screen made my heart full.  

C was excited to know that a BOY is coming. 
Mr. H was too...who would have thought he would get two little boys that will absolutely adore him.

I'm so happy that we get to have the chance to have these little boys together.  
Little boys are so sweet, and I can't wait to be surrounded by all my little men!

Love his cheesy smile :)
I'm loving his little profile.