Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hoping yours is Merry and Bright! XOXO

Pre Christmas Festivities

Mr. H finished up all his things on WEDNESDAY! Hooray!!! :)
Thursday, we had planned to go and be with our families, but we had a snowed in day.
Sometimes being forced to relax is kind of nice.  We played with baby C, and then spent the evening snuggling watching a movie.

Saturday we were able to run around Davis County finalizing Christmas shopping.
It was really fun.
L and J were able to fly in, and we got to see them on 

But first we went to church, and then attended our friend's baby blessing, which was beautiful.

We got to my parents and had a ball catching up with L and J (sister and brother-in law)
We convinced my parents to make a ton of homemade gingerbread and let us make houses and hobbit holes.  
For the record, I think homemade gingerbread is much easier to work with in building a house than the kits.
That night we headed up to Mr. H's house and had the annual "game-night".  
We always enjoy being together and it's fun to see the little cousins all together.

Today I am trying to clean the house, and prepare for the big two days.  We were able to attend a concert at the Cathedral of the Madeline in Salt Lake City.  It was AMAZING.  And quite beautiful.  

We also were able to go to temple square one final time and enjoy the lights.  
Salt Lake is a truly magical place to be for Christmas.


Monday, December 16, 2013


So Mr. H is almost done.
One more test, one more fellowship and this semester will be OVER!


By this last Friday, he was feeling much better and happier, and he was able to relax and have fun.
He was so much fun to be with!  I am so grateful for these vacations--- they are sorely needed.

Friday we were able to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.  My dad is a really talented graphic designer and always designs their programs.

This year's theme was a "Dickens Christmas" and it was delightful as always.  There is nothing more Christmas-y than those concerts.  

Saturday we were able to sleep in and then Mr. H and went on a DATE which was exciting.  We went to "Ender's Game".  It was good--- Mr. H was a little disappointed and I was pleasantly surprised so all in all it was successful.  
In the car on the way---baby C discovered his bowl could be a hat.  It was pretty hilarious. This boy keeps us laughing. 

We did a music program for Sunday, and then we were able to nap the day away. We were able to go to Temple Square with Mr. H's family.  It was fun and baby C loved the lights.  We got home, drank some delicious hot chocolate and made sugar cookies.  Baby C was adorable helping us... until he started stuffing large chunks of dough in his face. ha.

We've been having impromptu photo shoots of baby C
His little faces kill me. 
This time of year really makes me reflect on how blessed our little family is.  Every day new blessings are given, and we are so grateful.  
We are also continually grateful for little baby C (who's not really a baby anymore). :(  I had a dr's appt. with the dermatologist this morning, and the cute medical assistant kept asking me questions about my baby, and then revealed she was expecting but hadn't told anybody except for the random patients that came through in the office.  As we talked, I got so excited for this stranger to experience the joys of having these little children in your life.  Yes, it is harder and more stressful, but I can honestly say that baby C has made my life better in ALL aspects.  

Merry 8 days till Christmas!

p.s. my friend posted this sweet picture of her daughter and baby C.  These two are seriously the cutest together.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mr. H's Ornaments

Growing up, Mr. H's family would let every child get an ornament every year.  
It was one of Mr. H's favorite traditions.
So, when I posted on our Christmas tree, he was said that not one of his ornaments made my pictures.
Without Further Ado, Mr. H's Ornaments:
Garfield w/ Football ('97)  Snowman w/ Car ('05) and Tasmanian Devil Riding Motorcycle ('01)            
Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story" ('06) and Scooby Doo w/ Basketball Hoop ('99) *what girl doesn't want that lamp on her Christmas tree? :)

Drum Set ('04) *Mr. H is a VERY talented percussionist,  Alien from "Toy Story" ('10) *this is the ornament that makes Mr. H think of me. ha.  Moose fishing ('95)

Sweet Mouse w/ Clock ('97), Homemade Ornament w/ ADORABLE pic of Mr. H from fifth grade ('00)
Blurry pic of Tasmanian Devil on a locker ('98)* Who knew Mr. H loved the Tasmanian Devil so much!,  Red Plane ('92) and Slam Dunk Santa ('00) *Mr. H wanted this one to top our tree, but I convinced him to let the star go on top instead.
 So, there you have it folks: only some of Mr. H's delightful ornaments.  It is really fun watching him put them up, and I'm glad that he has so many good memories. :)

On another note: Mr. H got accepted to present at a conference at Harvard! We are stoked! :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Almond Melt-Aways

I decided to make some Christmas Cookies tonight for a family party we are attending.


I wanted to try my hand at recipe blogging, so here we go :)

Almond Melt-Aways

you will need:
1 1/2 C. sugar 
1 1/3 C. butter
  2 large eggs
2 tsp. almond extract ***the best part***
3 1/2 C. flour
2 tsp. cornstarch
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
extra sugar

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Start with taking your butter and mixing it with the sugar.
Then add your eggs and almond extract.
^^The Challenge Butter is the best, but I mostly like it because of the pretty packaging.
 In a separate bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients.  

Roll the dough into little balls, and then roll in sugar.  The original recipe called for coarse sugar which would have been much prettier, but we are on a budget here, so I used regular. 

Bake for 4 minutes, and then flatten the cookies.  (Leave them in the oven and use the back of a spoon).
Bake for an additional 4 minutes.

Voila!  Cookies! 

*based on this recipe

the H family begins CHRISTMAS

I am pleased to announce that the H family finally got around to decorating and starting Christmas! :)
I was getting so depressed that we didn't have any stuff up yet, and I was concerned that Christmas would be over too soon.

So, in the midst of very hectic schedules, Mr. H and I took baby C and bought a Christmas Tree.  We went to the Smith's Marketplace on 4th south---I was really impressed with their nursery.  

2012---He was so little!!!! :)
 We got the tree, and tried to set it up at home.  Every SINGLE year we struggle putting that baby up.  This year, we resorted to breaking old frames and padding the tree trunk with those to get it to stand up straight.  
 I was helping with a Stake Primary Breakfast this morning, so I had to leave to go set up last night.  We finally decorated the tree at 11:30p.m.  
I am also pleased to say it was our first year decorating it without any arguments.  

Mr. H did not approve of the over posed picture :)
Christmas Bell and Santa from my Great-Grandmother Nina, and a pretty ship from North Carolina
Today was hectic because of the breakfast.  Everything went smoothly and our presidency had a lot of fun doing it together.  Thanks to all the help!!!!

Mr. H was gone almost all day, so baby C and I decorated, cleaned and had a really cozy 'inside' day.  It was so picture perfect tonight: the falling slow, lit up tree and snuggly baby.  The only downside was our heater broke down and we had to wait for Mr. H to get home and fix it. :)

He was getting a little sick of posing for pictures.

Baby C has been so cute with all the decorations.  He loves our tree, and will gaze up into it and get so excited.  He loves the nativity, especially the baby Jesus.  He takes him in and out of his manger for as long as you will let him.  

Since Mr. H was so busy tonight, I decided to make some Christmas Cookies and watch a favorite of mine, "Little Women".  
It was lovely.  

Merry December 7th!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

New Computer + Grandma Time!

Mr. H is a PC guy.
I am a Mac girl.  
We didn't realize how this little detail about us could cause so many problems.
Mr. H thinks apple products are over priced, and doesn't like that you can't build your own stuff.
I have always had a Mac, and think they are the best things ever.
So when my laptop was starting to die, we had to decide what kind of a desktop to get.
I really didn't want to give up being a Mac person.  It's kind of a thing ya know?
But...Mr. H was SO excited to build us a new computer.  

So, I let him build us a computer.  
(Kind of big for me to give in :) )

It's been his Christmas every day as the parts started to arrive.  

He worked hard, (and it didn't even take him too long)


We have a new computer!

I have to admit, I really love it.  He made it really nice and we've had a lot of fun playing around with it.  

Earlier this week, Grandma T took us to the Festival of Trees.  It was a lot of fun.
I attempted to get a good picture of her with baby C.
The trees were amazing as usual, and it was a great atmosphere.  But cousin M and baby C's favorite thing was just running around out in the foyer.  
Silly boys.

Yesterday, baby C got sick again, and we had to miss playgroup AGAIN which made me so sad.  So I called up my mom and she came and hung out for the day.  It was so nice to have her over, and really brightened our day.  
He loves sitting on laps and reading books.  I LOVE IT!

Last night, I took the activity day girls up the german Christmas Market at This is the Place.  It's a really cute market, and we got to see President Uchtdorf!!!!  (I was really excited about that).  The only bummer was that it was 7 DEGREES!!!!!  So go to the market, just go during the day when it's a little warmer. :)

Happy Weekend!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Thanksgiving was awesome this year.
To start it off: Mr. H is done with his college applications!!!! So proud of him!

We headed into Centerville on Wednesday night and made some delicious pies.  It was my perfect ideal: aprons, Christmas music, people I love and making delicious desserts.  
We made four pies: 2 pumpkin, 1 blackberry, and 1 chocolate. 
We learned that in Korean one woman in the kitchen is the symbol for peace, and two women in the kitchen is the symbol for war. :)  We still had a lot of fun together, and it was fun to be together!
The next morning I went on a run, and then met up with miss K for a little hike up our mountain.  It was so fun to have it be like old times, and we had good conversation as usual.

Baby C had so much fun playing at my parents house, Mr. H played with my brothers and I helped make the delicious dinner.  My parents sure know how to do thanksgiving. It was wonderful.  My dad decorated, we all cooked and it was really fun.  

The beautiful table

My mother is the queen of multi-tasking
 Both sets of grandparents, two uncles and my dad's second cousin were able to come this year, and it was a blast.  I love my family.  We were all able to chat and enjoy being together.
Most of the group
Baby C loved the food
We then took everyone on a hike up the mountain again.  Mr. H and I didn't get too far with baby C, as he just wanted to throw rocks, but it was still fun.
picking up rocks with grandma
 Thanks mom and dad for the awesome day and night---it was perfect.

Mr. H, baby C and I then headed down to Moab.  The only mistake we made on the drive was we didn't pack any food, and to our surprise, EVERYWHERE was closed along the way.  ha. 
Mr. H's family had rented out a house just out of Moab, and all of his family were there.  

The next morning we got to on an awesome hike up to Double O arch.  (my favorite!).  The kids did pretty well, and it was really pretty.  The snow and fog were gorgeous in the red rock. 
Start of the hike---it was freezing!
The group! (minus Aunt A)

Landscape Arch

Double O Arch

Baby C was exhausted and zonked out for the last part.  Poor kid.

The hikers :)
 That afternoon, some of the group went mountain biking and the rest of us stayed in and napped, chatted and had a good time.  It was fun to have everyone together and let the kids play.  They are getting to be so cute together!!!  Our niece E was a complete doll and it was fun to be able to snuggle her, while our nephew M and baby C played and chased each other around.   

The next day, we rented jeeps and went off roading.  That was really fun!  The trail we picked was on the difficult side, and I tried to act calm during it all, but it was fun!  We all got to drive and it was fun to get some adrenaline going.  

The Crew

Later that afternoon while the boys went mountain biking, Grandpa W took me and baby C on another jeep ride with the two Aunt A's in the other jeep and we did a nice, simple ride to picture frame arch.  It was really fun, and baby C loved playing in the dirt.  
Random cave with a fire lit inside

Baby C with his dirt

Picture Frame Arch

We had a great night, and everyone was able to pack up in the morning and get home safely.  
It was a great trip!  Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa T and W for the awesome time.

Christmas is right around the corner, so today I'm trying to get motivated to get everything clean and ready to decorate.  

Happy 2nd day of December!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life lately...

Time is flying by!
Thanksgiving is TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!
 Last week, our court did a neighborhood potluck, so I tried my hand at these rolls.
Delicious!!!!  Baby C helped cook, and it was so fun.

This past weekend, we got to watch my cute little brothers while my parents were on a cruise in Europe.  
It was so fun!  Baby C LOVED playing with both of them, and loved being able to run around a big house.  I loved having people to play with, since Mr. H has still been so busy.
We played battleship, monopoly, mario kart and watched Nacho Libre. :)  
I also was able to throw my friend S a baby shower.  It was really fun to see some old friends.
My brothers and Mr. H really helped me with that---I seriously have the best family.
My parents had an awesome time on their cruise, and brought us back amazing pastries, chocolate and cute aprons. :)

Mr. H was called to be the 2nd counselor in our bishopric for our church.  He is excited, and I know he will do such a great job.  Mostly it will be fun to make faces at him in sacrament meeting while he is on the stand. :)

We have a fun filled week ahead of us, with thanksgiving and a trip to Moab coming up.
So I did a random photo shoot of baby C on the playground.  Gotta live up the nice weather while we can. 
I'm loving the stage that he is in.  He has recently started folding his arms on his own before we eat now.  We were so excited that some of our parenting rubbed off!  He is such a sweetheart and we constantly tell ourselves how lucky we are to have him. :)