Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mr. H's Ornaments

Growing up, Mr. H's family would let every child get an ornament every year.  
It was one of Mr. H's favorite traditions.
So, when I posted on our Christmas tree, he was said that not one of his ornaments made my pictures.
Without Further Ado, Mr. H's Ornaments:
Garfield w/ Football ('97)  Snowman w/ Car ('05) and Tasmanian Devil Riding Motorcycle ('01)            
Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story" ('06) and Scooby Doo w/ Basketball Hoop ('99) *what girl doesn't want that lamp on her Christmas tree? :)

Drum Set ('04) *Mr. H is a VERY talented percussionist,  Alien from "Toy Story" ('10) *this is the ornament that makes Mr. H think of me. ha.  Moose fishing ('95)

Sweet Mouse w/ Clock ('97), Homemade Ornament w/ ADORABLE pic of Mr. H from fifth grade ('00)
Blurry pic of Tasmanian Devil on a locker ('98)* Who knew Mr. H loved the Tasmanian Devil so much!,  Red Plane ('92) and Slam Dunk Santa ('00) *Mr. H wanted this one to top our tree, but I convinced him to let the star go on top instead.
 So, there you have it folks: only some of Mr. H's delightful ornaments.  It is really fun watching him put them up, and I'm glad that he has so many good memories. :)

On another note: Mr. H got accepted to present at a conference at Harvard! We are stoked! :)


  1. Congrats to Kyle on presenting at Harvard!! That's way cool!

  2. Thanks Stace! We're excited to, just bummed I don't get to go too. :)

  3. YES!!! I've been wanting to see these!!!!! haha. And yes, COOL about Kyle presenting at Harvard. Such a smartie.