Saturday, December 7, 2013

the H family begins CHRISTMAS

I am pleased to announce that the H family finally got around to decorating and starting Christmas! :)
I was getting so depressed that we didn't have any stuff up yet, and I was concerned that Christmas would be over too soon.

So, in the midst of very hectic schedules, Mr. H and I took baby C and bought a Christmas Tree.  We went to the Smith's Marketplace on 4th south---I was really impressed with their nursery.  

2012---He was so little!!!! :)
 We got the tree, and tried to set it up at home.  Every SINGLE year we struggle putting that baby up.  This year, we resorted to breaking old frames and padding the tree trunk with those to get it to stand up straight.  
 I was helping with a Stake Primary Breakfast this morning, so I had to leave to go set up last night.  We finally decorated the tree at 11:30p.m.  
I am also pleased to say it was our first year decorating it without any arguments.  

Mr. H did not approve of the over posed picture :)
Christmas Bell and Santa from my Great-Grandmother Nina, and a pretty ship from North Carolina
Today was hectic because of the breakfast.  Everything went smoothly and our presidency had a lot of fun doing it together.  Thanks to all the help!!!!

Mr. H was gone almost all day, so baby C and I decorated, cleaned and had a really cozy 'inside' day.  It was so picture perfect tonight: the falling slow, lit up tree and snuggly baby.  The only downside was our heater broke down and we had to wait for Mr. H to get home and fix it. :)

He was getting a little sick of posing for pictures.

Baby C has been so cute with all the decorations.  He loves our tree, and will gaze up into it and get so excited.  He loves the nativity, especially the baby Jesus.  He takes him in and out of his manger for as long as you will let him.  

Since Mr. H was so busy tonight, I decided to make some Christmas Cookies and watch a favorite of mine, "Little Women".  
It was lovely.  

Merry December 7th!!!


  1. Cute ken! I want to come visit. Ha. I need some Christmas decorations in my life. My house I don't think will be decorated this year.

    1. Thanks Kels! Just having a beautiful redone house will be decoration enough I think :)

  2. You watched Little Women?!?!? Lucky!!!! Aw, I am glad I stalked your blog. You never did give me the exact address! hahaha. Now I will read it ALL the time!