Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015 in the H household

We got back from our trip to DC and found out our heater was broken.

Bummer of the century.

It got down to 51 degrees in our apartment, and when it's 10 degrees outside, that's pretty frigid.  I found out I get extremely grumpy when I don't have heat.

We also all got sick for pretty close to the entire month.  Boo! Poor Mr. H...I'm grumpy when he's sick, and I'm grumpy when I'm sick...he just can't catch a break. :)

Mr. H started up his classes again.  

C and I discovered "Tune Train", which is a super fun music class offered by our city.  We love it!

We also survived our first snow storms in Boston....little did we know that there would be much more to come!  

The blizzard "Juno" hit us hard... I finally figured out where the phrase "frosted window panes" came from...ha!  It was fun to be snowed in together.  Mr. H got some snow days and we enjoyed being stuck inside.

Mr. H has still been biking in the snow... poor guy!

C's first snowman!  Celebrating our first snowfall in Boston!!!!

Riding our bike in the basement!

Aftermath of Juno....C wasn't too thrilled.

Being snowed in...loved having Mr. H around!  C also LOVES helping to cook...

Emergency preparedness....

And then the snow just kept coming....

Poor Mr. H had to do all of the shoveling... He's amazing!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Washington DC and a trip to the aunt and uncles!

On New Year's Day, we drove down to Washington DC!

My sister and brother in law live down there, and we have wanted to visit them for forever.  

We had gorgeous weather, and the drive was surprisingly a lot of fun.  

We went through 7 states in about 7 1/2 hours! (MA, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, and DC!)
C was an absolute dream to drive with.  Seriously.  We cannot figure out why he can be happy doing absolutely nothing in a car for that long, but he was and it was great.  (Who knew shoes were such great toys???)

We got in that night, and enjoyed a fun dinner and opening late Christmas Presents.  L and J were so nice and let us sleep on their super nice bed, and C enjoyed his room in their closet. :)

The next morning L took us and we hit up some museums.  We first did the Natural History Museum, and then the Aerospace Museum.  C was probably a little young for both of these, but he did LOVE the airplanes.  And the space wing.  He kept pointing and saying "SPACE!!!"  Mr. H took C back to the apartment for a nap and L and I made the rounds to the monuments.  DC is SOOO pretty.

Thanks L, for capturing this fine moment....

Just keeping it real in the museum :)

Happy again.  :)


We got back home and went out to dinner, and then to a fun free concert at the Kennedy Center.  

The next day J was able to join us and we did a Washington Monument tour which was fun!  It was cool to see all the places in DC from the birds eye view.  

We then headed over to the capitol.  C had a BLAST chasing his aunt L and J around....I think he run after them the entire way.  This might have been the highlight of his trip. :)

The capitol tour was fun and we lucked out with a fun tour guide.  We went home, napped and then L and J took us on a tour of their super cool town!  Seriously, what a cute town.  We had fun perusing some of the stores and enjoying the charm. :)  We got some dinner and had a fun night of games.

Sunday we were able to attend their church, and it was great!  It was a fun congregation, and it was fun to see how adored L and J are.  We got some more naps (what happens when a pregnant lady travels) ate a nice dinner and chatted away.

We left the next morning and had a delightful drive home.  C was amazing again, and it made it very enjoyable.

C loved their kitty Ernest, and still tells me all about when he played with 'Ernie'.

It was so nice to spend some good time with L and J.  Thanks again for making our visit so delightful!