Monday, January 27, 2014

Mr. H's trip + a trip of our own

As I shared previously, Mr. H went out of town this past week for a conference at Harvard.  
I dropped him off Wednesday morning, and he was so excited!
Wednesday was rather uneventful, but C and I did go snag a free meal at IHOP for dinner.  
During dinner I realized how C can't really carry a conversation, but man can he throw crayons.  We came home and skyped with Mr. H for the first time. C was so funny---he tried to touch him, but realized that didn't work, and ended up scowling a lot at the screen because it was so weird.  Ha.  

That night some girls from the ward came over and watched "Father of the Bride".  It was fun.

Thursday, C and I headed into Centerville.  I did not want to spend the whole week alone- I get lonely too easily. We had a great time hanging out with my mom and family when they got home that night.

Friday we did a bunch of crafting! First, we took C on a walk and tried to see some animals at the Lagoon Trails.  There was so much ice everywhere, and C LOVED sliding around on it.  

We bought flowers, felt and then went home to make some Valentine decorations.  It was really fun.

That night, Grandma T and Grandpa W took us out for dinner to Rumbi.  It was really good, and it was so nice of them to do that.  We filled them in on Mr. H's excursions and enjoyed the dinner. *Sorry I didn't get a picture! *

Saturday, we got to hang out a bunch and then my family went to Frozen. (Thanks H family for watching C!!!!)  It was super cute again.  

That night, we made cream puffs and played some games.  

It was so nice to spend some good time with my family.  C loved all the attention.  He also learned to say 'grandma', 'grandpa', 'love you' and started climbing up all the furniture.  

THANKS mom and dad for letting us stay with you and taking care of us!!!!

Sunday we got to go pick up Mr. H.  We were so excited to see him!!!  
We had a great rest of our day just hanging out with him.

It was really hard on me having Mr. H gone.  The 2nd night we skyped, I just started bawling.  ( was an emotional week).  But I am grateful that I have a great husband and friend that I miss!  

Mr. H had a great time at the conference.  He fell in love with Boston, did a great job with his presentation and made some friends.  He enjoyed being on his own, but he did say he really missed us.  

C and I are getting adjusted to being back home.  
He's getting into getting his picture taken, and then he wants to see what it looks like.
Also--goodbye high chair and hello booster seat.  He loves it! :)

^^^His Camera smile.                                              

Well, onto another week.  And the end of JANUARY! :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 years ago....

3 years ago
Mr. H proposed.

It was a chilly day in Provo.  We had been ring shopping that morning, and one of the places had let us keep the ring to compare it to others.  I just kept looking at the ring box, and I knew I wanted that ring.

Anyway, we were driving back to my apartment, and all the sudden Mr. H asked me how to get to this park up by the mountains.  We had held hands for the first time here, and he had asked me to be his girlfriend also here.  My guard immediately went up.  We started making our way there, and my mind was racing.  Was he going to propose?  Usually Mr. H did very thought out, over the top things, and so I was confused as to why he wasn't being more secretive.

We got to the park, and as he got out of the car, I noticed he grabbed the ring box.  I immediately called him out on it.  He told me to pretend I hadn't seen anything.  HA!  We stepped onto the grass, and Mr. H told me he loved me and wanted to spend eternity with him.  He got down on his knees and asked me to marry him.  I of course said 'yes' and we proceeded to take the mini photo-shoot you see above for our future posterity.

Mr. H later told me that he hadn't planned on proposing that day, but on our way back to Provo he thought, "I have the ring, I want to be engaged, and I love her, so why not?!"  It still makes me smile.
We went up to Rock Canyon and talked and talked.

Mr. H then let us go and 'splurge' by splitting a meal at Zupa's to celebrate.  :)

We ended up at my apartment, where Mr. H wanted to create a spread sheet of every single thing that needed to be done for our wedding.  We were going to go into Centerville the next day, and he wanted to be prepared to show our parents our plan.  Bless his heart, we worked on that spreadsheet for the rest of the night, in true Mr. H fashion.  I was pretty giddy and spent most of the time kissing him and giggling with my roommates.

I do remember it felt really good to be engaged.  It was exciting, yet reassuring.

for LOVE!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Martin Luther King JR Day

Hooray for long weekends!!!
Friday I tried to do a racquetball date night, but the gym was closed.  So it turned out to be a "Just Dance" date night instead.  (Mr. H was thrilled.... ha)
Saturday Mr. H played some church basketball, and we got to organize a closet.  I seriously don't know why we haven't organized more in our marriage.  It's the BEST.
We also were able to have a fun primary presidency dinner.  
We made homemade calzones, which were delicious.
Sunday was a little stressful, as C was just not having it.
The first hour was rough.
As soon as Mr. H got off the stand, and was holding C, he was totally fine.
We were able to see some old friends that night, and it was really fun chatting and laughing together.
We also squeezed in another episode of Downton Abbey.  
Monday started with homework for Mr. H and grocery shopping for C and I.  Luckily, homework didn't take all day, and we got to go to a movie that night.  
I had been begging Mr. H to go and see "Frozen" for forever.  So we did. :)
I know I sound like a cliche Disney movie lover, 
but man.  It was so so so good.
From the opening scene, I was hooked.  
I cried during the first five minutes.
I LOVED the messages.
I loved the music.
I loved the whole feel.
It truly was magical.  I came out wanting to dance around, say "frozen" in a whispery voice, and smiled from ear to ear.  
If you haven't seen it, I think you will really enjoy it.  I think Disney nailed this one.


It was a great long weekend, and Mr. H heads out tomorrow for his conference.

p.s. I thought this was a great idea to celebrate MLK day.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life lately

So I realized I was really slacking on the past couple of weeks.  
Mr. H teases me that I never blog unless we are doing something fun.
Which is kind of true.
However, I have been the happiest girl these past two weeks.  
Mr. H and I have been getting back into our routine.  
We have set our family goals, and we are trying our hardest to accomplish them.
We have been doing a lot of laughing together.
We got to go to the temple last weekend.
We got to get some GOURMANDISE. Which is the best.
We've played some which Mr. H finally looked up the rules and they are WAY different than I grew up playing, so now I lose instead of win.
We've played basketball at the church.  
I've set a goal to do ten jumping jacks whenever I start to get bothered/annoyed, and it has been hilarious. 
Mr. H is working away and getting ready to go to his conference at HARVARD.  I'm a little jealous.
C dropped his 2nd nap.  I am having to learn how to get things done with him awake, and so that he feels like he's getting enough attention.
I scored a free bookcase from the dumpster, that now houses all my books.  
C finally likes brushing his teeth!
 I started doing 'weekly' goals.
C discovered all of his outdoor toys again.

Life is good.

LAST first day of school as an UNDERGRADUATE!
C is loving the red hat from Christmas.  He feels pretty hard core in it.

When he saw the real basketball hoop, he had to give it a try. 

Until he realized it was impossible---and he needed mom's help. 

Discovering all of his old toys from the Summer!!! 

His cute friend loves to push him on the swings.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

"She is more precious than rubies"

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." --Proverbs 31:10

Beautiful Monday here I come.
I had a great talk with some friends today.  I asked them how they felt their self-image was, and how they got to the point they are now.  
I came away from our discussion resolved to do BETTER.  I was shown through these women's testimonies how strong and amazing humans are.

We all have our life journeys. It was good for me to hear these women talk about their struggles and insecurities, and what they do every single day to combat them.  

I want to share a couple of the thoughts:
1.  One woman shared how she realized that pornography and other sexual images don't just 'affect' men, but have a VERY negative affect on women as well.  She talked about how just as she would hope her husband wouldn't look at those kind of things, she now turns the other way as well.  I think sometimes as women we tell ourselves that seeing sexual images/media only hurts men, but it affects us just as much.  Our spirits can't see something like that and not have it do something.  I thought about this in my own life: there is sexual media ALL AROUND ME.  But I CAN choose to not focus on it, or watch it, or read it, and I CAN turn away.
2.  Another woman bore testimony of how important prayer had been in her journey.  She described some difficult things, and talked about how talking to her Heavenly Father had been her saving grace.  She described not only praying in the morning or evenings, but all throughout the day. She would drop to her knees and plead with Him to help strengthen her.  
3.  Someone shared how they had decided to teach themselves about nutrition and the power of food for our bodies.  She said she felt empowered learning about good foods, and how they help our bodies be healthy and strong. She said she had to learn that when one is eating good foods and exercising, we must learn to be happy with the product.  
4. We talked about how beautiful people SHINE because of their virtue and purity.  This talk by Elaine Dalton was brought up.
It is an amazing message, but she shares: "I wish every young woman assembled here tonight would know and understand that your beauty—your “shine”—does not lie in makeup, gooey cream, or the latest clothing or hairstyles. It lies in your personal purity. When you live the standards and qualify for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, you can have a powerful impact in the world. Your example, even the light in your eyes, will influence others who see your “shine,” and they will want to be like you. Where do you get this light? The Lord is the light, “and the Spirit enlighteneth every man through the world, that hearkeneth to the voice of the Spirit.”8 A divine light comes into your eyes and countenances when you draw close to your Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. That’s how we get the “shiney”! And besides, as all of you can see, the “shiney cream” didn’t really work on my wrinkles anyway!"

The truly beautiful people in our life are those who are SHINING.  Literally shining. 
5.  We talked about how hard it is to really take all of this to heart.  We all shared examples from our lives in which things were done or said that were heart breaking.  We all expressed desire to help raise our children so that they know who they are, and they understand their worth.  As one woman shared about her mother, "She just truly understood that she was a daughter of God."  

Last week I challenged us all to stop the negative talk.  For me, I think it actually made a difference. When I would see myself in the mirror, instead of looking at a body part in disgust, I would instantly replace it with: "I have a beautiful smile."  I found myself being happy that I can smile and be happy. :)

This week I want to challenge us with this strategy: 
Think Nice Thoughts Instead: Research has found that girls who feel good about themselves, regardless of their weight, are more likely to be physically active and eat healthy. They are less likely to gain unnecessary weight and they make healthy lifestyle choices way into the future. Remember that what we THINK about our bodies has a strong connection to how we TREAT our bodies.
Like last week, I want to replace my negative thoughts with positive ones.  When I start comparing, or feeling down, I will think the thought "I am grateful my body does this: or, I love that my body allows me to do this:   "  I will treat my body with love and respect, by feeding it good foods, working my heart and getting good sleep. 

Finally: I want to share another role-model of mine.  I think this woman is one of the most beautiful, radiant person ever.  

Marjorie Hinckley was the wife of President Gordon B. Hinckley of the Latter-day Saint church.  She is an amazing example of wisdom, love, service and beauty to me.  When I think of the person I want to to turn out to be, I think of her.  

Two of my favorite quotes by her:

“I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails.
I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp.
I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbors children.
I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden.
I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder.
I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived.” -Marjorie Hinckley

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, “Wow what a ride!" -Marjorie Hinckley

Happy Monday!

Monday, January 6, 2014


Mr. H and I were having a little heart to heart last night.  
I was talking about how I'm SO sick of having body image issues.  
It makes me mad that I am an educated woman who still believes the lies and filth fed to me.  
It makes me mad that even though I KNOW it's dumb, I still think the best thing I could be is pretty.  
It makes me scared that my negative perceptions and thoughts WILL affect my children.
So Mr. H gave me a challenge this year.  A research project, so to speak.  
Every week, I want to write about something new I have discovered.  It may be a little personal, but I know that if I write and publish it, I'll do it.  I want to examine my own beliefs and wants.  I want to examine research and essays on this topic.  
I want this year to be a year where I spend some SERIOUS time redefining my priorities and how I see myself and those around me.  
I want to have a change in me this year.  

I love the website,  I will be pulling a lot of their information and using it here.  
They provide a list of ideas of strategies for women to be able to REJECT the harmful messages we are fed everyday.  A full list can be found here:

Each week, I will post one strategy to work on for that week.

Week #1 Stop Negative Self-Talk: Too many girls and women have a constant script of mean thoughts about themselves running through their minds. That kind of negativity is not motivational or inspirational. In fact, it tends to show up on the outside. Recent studies show us that girls who don’t like their bodies become more sedentary over time and pay less attention to having a healthy diet. And that makes sense. If you think you’re gross and worthless, why would you take care of yourself?---beauty

This week I would challenge all of us to stop this negative talk.  Whenever I say something negative or mean about myself, I want to immediately replace it with something positive about myself.  

Every week I also want to post a picture of a woman that inspires me and why that woman is someone I would want to be like.  

Week #1
My mom.  My mom is one of the best people I know.  She is amazingly strong.  She isn't perfect, but she is constantly striving to better herself EVERYDAY.  She loves her family with her whole heart.  Her priorities are in the right place.  I truly admire that about her.  

If any of you ever have any thoughts or ideas, I would LOVE to hear them.  

Here's to a truly more BEAUTIFUL year. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Break

This Christmas Break was wonderful.
Having Mr. H to ourselves made baby C and I the happiest of all.
There were some stressful times, and times when I felt anxiety creeping into my day.
However, 2014 has been good to our little family.  We have had such a blast being together, and just plain RELAXING.
I have also realized that baby C is no longer a baby.  Man, I don't know why that hit me this break, but he keeps reminding me that he is a LITTLE BOY.  Crazy.  So I guess I will have to start calling him C now. :)
To start off the break:
I was able to have a mini-recital for my piano students.  I've been teaching one girl for the past semester, and have picked up two more students.  It was really fun to have them all together and hear them play.

Mr. H fixed my dresser.  HOORAY! C was so cute as he helped him with the tools.  He loves doing what we are doing. 

My sister and brother in law flew in from D.C. It was so fun to have them around.  I have missed her so much!!!!
My mom, sister, C and me as we shopped the day after Christmas.  I finally bought a leopard cardigan, which I have been wanting for years. :)
Grandma and Grandpa  W and T  gave C this adorable Harry Potter tee-shirt.  On the front it states: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and on the back, "Mischief Managed".  We WILL be a family of Harry Potter Fans. :)
We gave C a basketball hoop for Christmas.  Christmas morning he was TERRIFIED of it.  We could not figure that one out.  He would just point at it, say Ball, and then back away slowly.  But, much to Mr. H's relief, the day after Christmas he fell in love.  Now it's the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning. 

We were able to go Cross Country Skiing with my family.  It was gorgeous and really fun.  We wanted to bring C, but Grandma W and T were nice enough to watch him for us.  And it was a good thing, because we continued to fall and fall!

Mr. H was also able to go to the temple with his family and do some family history work.  That was so neat for them.  We spent many afternoons in Centerville, and then many again here.

New Year's Eve was fun.  We had some friends over, ate Chinese food, played games and heard some of the funniest first kiss stories ever. :)

Mr. H and I have had the best of the best weekends here at home.  We had our weekly date night on Friday, and Mr. H was a good sport and played my games and made new year's resolutions.

Saturday we were able to go to the U of U's basketball game.  C was really cute.  He got so excited and was good the whole time.  We ended the night at my grandma's 75th birthday party.  Happy birthday grandma!

Mr. H and I are happy.  It's so good being together.  We're excited for what this year is bringing.  


So I'm a couple of posts behind.

But I didn't want to forget about Christmas!!!!

I learned a couple of things this year. 
1. I procrastinated everything till the week of, and that was a really bad idea. I learned that there is true wisdom in getting everything done early so that you can feel the spirit of the season.  Sometimes I guess you just have to learn the hard way.
2. 1 1/2 year olds don't need a lot of presents.  Mr. H and I went a little overboard this year for baby C, and then everyone was so generous as well. It was so sweet of everyone!  But I think the lesson I learned was that they can be happy with one or two things.  
3.  Wrap presents BEFORE Christmas eve.  Ha. :)

MOVING on to the big days:

Christmas eve was a lot of fun.  We went up to Mr. H's family's and the boys sledded for about ten minutes and then we tried to put baby C down for a nap, which would not happen.  So we all hung out together.  I love chatting with the H's and seeing all the cousins together.  My brother S on his mission called at one, and so the three of us ran down to my house to skype with him.  He is doing so good, and is such a cutie.  He was so happy and sweet.  Talking to him was a good reminder of what is truly important about Christmastime.  
We then ran back up to the H's, and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  Then came the annual Christmas talent show, which is always a lot of fun.  Our little family attempted to get baby C to perform 'Once there was a Snowman', and we enjoyed giggling and enjoying everyone's talents.  
Baby C finally went down for a nap!  and we got to chat some more, especially with Mr. H's Grandma D.  She is a lot of fun, and it was nice to relax.

We headed down to my family's around four, and we enjoyed hanging out there.  It is fun to have L and J in town for the holidays.  We got chinese take-out for dinner, which was super good.  We played some games, and then did our annual christmas carol sing-a-long.  It was so nice this year: Brother A played his violin and brother O played his trumpet and it was beautiful.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening together.

Mr. H and I got home and put the babe to bed.  We then set out to wrap all the presents.  We always enjoy doing this.  We  are still kids at heart, and wrap each other's presents in private.  We then do each other stockings and set out a present from Santa on the couch.  We cover it up with a blanket, and the last person leaving the room takes the blanket off without looking so the next morning we can both be surprised. :)  
We got to bed late that night, and were both so excited for the  morning.  

We were so excited, we didn't sleep a wink.  Silly us.  We enjoyed our Christmas morning together.  Mr. H gave me a map of the world to start marking off our adventures, Taylor Swift's "RED" CD, pajamas (first ones since I was TEN!) and some cute earrings.  Thanks to my mom, I gave him a tee-shirt quilt of a ton of his shirts he had kept throughout the years.  He really liked that. :)  

We then woke up baby C.  I don't think he appreciated us waking him up, but he got excited when he saw his toys.

We headed into Centerville to the H's house.  We opened presents all together.  It was so fun.  Baby C started getting really good at knowing if you tear up some paper, great things are in store. :)  
We then hung out and enjoyed playing with the presents together.  

After lunch we headed down to the G's house.  It was fun opening presents with my family.  Baby C loved all the attention.  My uncle J came over and we played games, had a delicious dinner and hung out.  It was great.  

After bedtime, Mr. H and I went and saw "Saving Mr. Banks" with the H's.  It was AMAZING.  I had done some background research on PL Travers, and the movie wasn't really accurate, but if you get over that, you will LOVE it.  Such a beautiful story.  I loved how it taught us to live in the present, and not be limited by our pasts.  I loved what it taught us about forgiveness.  I also thought it was powerful to see such a wonderful man destroyed by an addiction, and how addictions can make us lose the most beautiful things in the world: our family.  But I also thought it was powerful to see that (most) sometimes the best of people have addictions, and it is our job to love them and help them.
Anyway--go see it if you can!

We slept over at the G's house.  Baby C had a rough night, so we all ended up on the floor.  One of my tenderest moments from the season happened this night, however.  C was so scared, and it was the most beautiful thing to see Mr. H calming him down.  He was so soft and loving, and I couldn't help but think how lucky our kids will be to have him as a father.  Baby C fell asleep holding Mr. H's hand through the rails.  

We were so grateful for everyone's kindness this season.  It was a wonderful Christmas.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Year Review

2013 was a down year for us.  I kind of think life is that way, you get a jam packed year, and then a down year, and then another big year etc.   
Our first two years of marriage were very eventful, so it was wonderful to get a 'down' year.


Baby C turned 5 MONTHS!
2013 Bachelor Baby C, We finished an 1000 piece puzzle, Mr. H started another semester, Baby C did a lot of hanging with dad, Baby C enjoyed baby food, and we had fun looking at eskimo version BABY C

We also were able to have Kelsie Hill @ Blackbird Design take some pictures of baby C.

Baby C @ 6 months
Baby C got a lot more comfortable with baby food, Baby C loved taking more pictures, we celebrated a Valentine's at home, and we took baby C to the zoo for the first time
Baby C @7 months
Baby C in the tub, Baby C had his first surgery at Primary Children's Medical Center, and we celebrated by 23rd birthday
We celebrated baby C's first Easter
Baby C @ 8 months
Baby C got his first swimsuit, liked playing with his toys, and we went the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
This was our first vacation month in FOREVER.  I think we went a little crazy, but it was an AWESOME month.  
Baby C @ 9 months
We vacationed in San Clemente and San Diego!  Took in the beach, Sea World, Old Town, and the Zoo. 
We did some family hiking.  We love our mountains!
Mr. H and I went to a REAL soccer game

Baby C @10 months, Took our first family camping trip, Baby C got his first tooth
Baby C @11 months, Celebrated the 4th of July
discovered more and more fruit, did some more camping trips and baby C found a new way to sleep.
baby C loved knocking towers down, and then discovered how to scowl.  And I mean REALLY scowl. 
Mr. H's sister A got married.  It was an awesome day.
Baby C turned one, and we did another camping trip with friends.
We had birthday parties for baby C, and he loved all of his attention. :)
We finished up doing "This is the Place Park" with my family. 

We got one final camping trip in with Mr. H's family.
We went to Pineview with Mr. H's family, and Mr. H had another first day of school.
We had some beautiful family pictures taken by a friend in the ward:

We went on another family hike, Mr. H had a presentation and we headed to Temple Square
We were able to go to the Utah State Fair!
Baby C and I were able to go to Idaho with my mom for my grandma's birthday!
Then Mr. H started getting busy with school, we went to the Leonardo Museum, had a painting date night, and baby C became obsessed with "Good Night Moon"
Mr. H enjoyed a birthday, we watched General Conference and attended a U of U football game!
We took some beautiful fall drives, went to a pumpkin patch, C and I went with my mom on a hike, and we attempted to carve pumpkins.
We went as Obi Won Kanobi, Princess Leia and a baby Ewok for Halloween.
We enjoyed watching baby C learn to play more, and I captured this prize of a picture of Mr. H
We enjoyed Thanksgiving at my parents, and then headed down to Moab with Mr. H's Family.

We bought a Christmas Tree.

Attended the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert

We enjoyed many Christmas activities with both families this season, in which I failed to capture enough with my camera.  

What an amazing year.  It really puts things in perspective when you see it all thrown together.  Baby C is no longer a baby, and Mr. H and I continue to grow up. 

Here's to wonderful 2014!