Wednesday, July 15, 2015


How did 4 months find us so quickly???

We just had baby T's monthly check up (with a new pediatrician, whom I LOVE!)

Weighing in at 14 lbs 11 oz (30 something percentile)
25 1/4 inches long (50 something percentile)
head circumfrence (60 something percentile)

T at four months is such a fun, cute baby.  Oh my.  If I could freeze this age, I would!
He loves giggling (finally found that laugh!), talking and blowing bubbles.  He is obssessed with his hands, and chews on them non stop.  

He loves peek a boo, flying overhead, and being read to.  He also discovered toys this month, and has been able to reach for and grab things.  (Including my hair!).  He loves watching C play, and he loves being included.  

As sleeping goes, it is going pretty well.  He is a great napper!  He is awake for about 1.5 hours, and then takes a 1-2 hour nap.  I would say his typical schedule is: (this is included for my benefit in the future)

5:30-6 wakes up for a quick feed, instantly back to sleep...(usually in my bed---we're working on that!)
9-9:30 wakes up, eats and plays!

11 nap

12 awake, eats

1:30 naps

3:30 awake, eats

5:00 naps

6:00 awake, eats

bed by 8:00 

9:30 awake for a quick snack

3:00 awake for a feed, back to sleep.  

He is a great baby, and I'm loving to get to know him better.  He is such a smiley, happy soul and is really good at making us all happy. 

We love our baby T!

*I'm so sad I missed out on the opportunity to take pics this month.  It's totally my bad, but I really wanted to document milestones every month to remember.  :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Father's day turned out to be really great.  

We made a yummy breakfast for Mr. H and gave him the presents we had been working on.   Then headed off to church.  I guess the Father's Day memo was forgotten, and none of the talks/musical numbers had anything to do with fathers, but Mr. H was able to attend the men's meeting (Elder's Quorum) instead of our usual Primary calling.  We enjoyed cinnamon rolls afterwards at a linger longer, and came home.

The boys napped, and we let Mr. H take a nap too. :)  

Mr. H's cousin D came over that afternoon and we ate dinner and then I had made a father's day cheesecake which we all stuffed ourselves with.  We skyped with our dads, and then relaxed the rest of the night.

Mr. H is amazing at a lot of different things, but he is a really good dad.  He has his priorities straight when it comes to family, and for that I am grateful.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Baby T is 3 months old!

Baby T is almost 4 months, but I wanted to document these pictures of him at 3 months.

I feel like at 2.5 months we turned a corner.  Baby T became the happiest, good natured baby ever.  He started doing some long stretches at night too, which made me a much happier camper.  (I'm talking from around 9:30-4:30 or 5).  

I adore this little guy.  I wish I could keep him little forever.

*The following pictures are faces that I want to remember always. :)

The "hi mom---what are you doing?" face

Sweet Stare. 

I'm chubby and happy :) 

These chubby cheeks are killing me!

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Gerber's take CAPE COD!

 How lucky were we to have my family come to visit!!!  We haven't all been together in almost 3 years.  My parents and brothers came to Boston for a few days before we all headed down to the Cape.  

We enjoyed a nice couple of days, and then headed down to Yarmouth, MA!  Oh my, it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The Cape is as gorgeous as you would ever think it could be. 

these two brothers are super sweet...still best friends!

 We checked out a lot of different locations on the cape, and started up on the National Seashore.  It was GORGEOUS.  We were able to do a pretty bike ride and then spent the rest of our time on the beach.  

We headed down to Woodshole and it was beautiful.  We biked the Shining Sea Parkway, and it was so cool.  

ha I love this picture.  
 We headed to Chatham and enjoyed lobster rolls, a baseball game and a fun bandstand concert.  It was delightful.  

It was such a great trip with so many things that are not pictured.  

A few extra shots from my dad :)
Mt Auburn's safe to say my mom loved it. 

We were able to take some family pictures while we were there.