Monday, January 27, 2014

Mr. H's trip + a trip of our own

As I shared previously, Mr. H went out of town this past week for a conference at Harvard.  
I dropped him off Wednesday morning, and he was so excited!
Wednesday was rather uneventful, but C and I did go snag a free meal at IHOP for dinner.  
During dinner I realized how C can't really carry a conversation, but man can he throw crayons.  We came home and skyped with Mr. H for the first time. C was so funny---he tried to touch him, but realized that didn't work, and ended up scowling a lot at the screen because it was so weird.  Ha.  

That night some girls from the ward came over and watched "Father of the Bride".  It was fun.

Thursday, C and I headed into Centerville.  I did not want to spend the whole week alone- I get lonely too easily. We had a great time hanging out with my mom and family when they got home that night.

Friday we did a bunch of crafting! First, we took C on a walk and tried to see some animals at the Lagoon Trails.  There was so much ice everywhere, and C LOVED sliding around on it.  

We bought flowers, felt and then went home to make some Valentine decorations.  It was really fun.

That night, Grandma T and Grandpa W took us out for dinner to Rumbi.  It was really good, and it was so nice of them to do that.  We filled them in on Mr. H's excursions and enjoyed the dinner. *Sorry I didn't get a picture! *

Saturday, we got to hang out a bunch and then my family went to Frozen. (Thanks H family for watching C!!!!)  It was super cute again.  

That night, we made cream puffs and played some games.  

It was so nice to spend some good time with my family.  C loved all the attention.  He also learned to say 'grandma', 'grandpa', 'love you' and started climbing up all the furniture.  

THANKS mom and dad for letting us stay with you and taking care of us!!!!

Sunday we got to go pick up Mr. H.  We were so excited to see him!!!  
We had a great rest of our day just hanging out with him.

It was really hard on me having Mr. H gone.  The 2nd night we skyped, I just started bawling.  ( was an emotional week).  But I am grateful that I have a great husband and friend that I miss!  

Mr. H had a great time at the conference.  He fell in love with Boston, did a great job with his presentation and made some friends.  He enjoyed being on his own, but he did say he really missed us.  

C and I are getting adjusted to being back home.  
He's getting into getting his picture taken, and then he wants to see what it looks like.
Also--goodbye high chair and hello booster seat.  He loves it! :)

^^^His Camera smile.                                              

Well, onto another week.  And the end of JANUARY! :)


  1. Love your crafts! and baby is getting sooo big and cuter every day!

  2. You look like your Mom! Nice work making it through the week. I am not looking forward to that. P.S. How did you score free IHOP??

    1. I know----not fun being left behind, but luckily I have a great family. :) Sign up for their birthday club!!! You get a free meal for signing up, and then free for your birthday, and a couple more. :)