Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Martin Luther King JR Day

Hooray for long weekends!!!
Friday I tried to do a racquetball date night, but the gym was closed.  So it turned out to be a "Just Dance" date night instead.  (Mr. H was thrilled.... ha)
Saturday Mr. H played some church basketball, and we got to organize a closet.  I seriously don't know why we haven't organized more in our marriage.  It's the BEST.
We also were able to have a fun primary presidency dinner.  
We made homemade calzones, which were delicious.
Sunday was a little stressful, as C was just not having it.
The first hour was rough.
As soon as Mr. H got off the stand, and was holding C, he was totally fine.
We were able to see some old friends that night, and it was really fun chatting and laughing together.
We also squeezed in another episode of Downton Abbey.  
Monday started with homework for Mr. H and grocery shopping for C and I.  Luckily, homework didn't take all day, and we got to go to a movie that night.  
I had been begging Mr. H to go and see "Frozen" for forever.  So we did. :)
I know I sound like a cliche Disney movie lover, 
but man.  It was so so so good.
From the opening scene, I was hooked.  
I cried during the first five minutes.
I LOVED the messages.
I loved the music.
I loved the whole feel.
It truly was magical.  I came out wanting to dance around, say "frozen" in a whispery voice, and smiled from ear to ear.  
If you haven't seen it, I think you will really enjoy it.  I think Disney nailed this one.


It was a great long weekend, and Mr. H heads out tomorrow for his conference.

p.s. I thought this was a great idea to celebrate MLK day.  

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