Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Today is a special day.
It's Mr. H's 24th!!!!
(we know...we are still babies)

As you know, I have known Mr. H for a LONG time.  
He has ALWAYS been remarkable.  

He photoshopped this picture of us together to answer me to a high school dance. :)  But I still like to pretend we were best friends back then. 

He has always been KIND. He has always been so HONEST.  And he has always been really CUTE. :)

He's always been WISE, and he's always worked REALLY HARD.
at everything!
He is one of the sweetest men I know.  He truly tries his best at everything he does, and he is so driven.

So mature :)

He does everything in his power to make sure that C and I are happy.  He makes us laugh with his funny sayings "Winner, winner Chicken Dinner!" and he is always up for playing games with us.  

He has the cutest smile, and he's always been able to make me feel better. 
He's willing to do anything that he knows will make his family happy.  
We couldn't ask for a better father/husband.  
We love you!!!!!

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