Friday, October 25, 2013

a week full of FALL!

Is anyone else loving this October?  Especially this last week-the weather has been GORGEOUS.  
Baby C and I have gotten to take some fun adventures, and it's been a blast.

Beautiful Provo

Tuesday we traveled down to Provo to meet up with Miss K at
BYU.  Miss K recently returned from serving a LDS mission, and is one of my dearest friends.  
We attended a forum together (just like old times) and then she treated us to a fancy lunch at the MOA, or Museum of Fine Arts. :)  
It was so great to see her.  We also got to see two other friends during lunch, and that was great.
On our way out, I stopped by my old work and said hi to some of the women I used to work with.
That was neat.  I have been so blessed to have such great opportunities in my life to work with and associate with great people.  
It was so nice to be on BYU's campus again.  I love that place.  Some of my happiest memories happened there.  I really hope that somehow I can make some of my children cougars. :)

Miss K and baby C
Wednesday we met up with Mr. H's mother and sister and her two children and went to Gardner's Village.  Every October Gardner's Village does a Witchfest, and it is so fun!  They have cute witches everywhere, and then there are all the beautiful shops.  
It was a blast. Baby C loved the witches, and loved being with his cousins.  It was such a pretty day too!  Thanks Grandma T for the fun day!!!!
E and cousin M---our Best picture :)
Thursday, we went down to the Mt. Olivet cemetery with some friends in the morning.  It was gorgeous!  I love old cemeteries, and it was fun to find another friend that did too!  Salt Lake is full of gems.  This cemetery houses some of the oldest graves in Utah, tombs, and families of deer.  It was great!
Then, my mom met up with baby C and I in the afternoon and we headed up the canyon for a fun hike.  My mom and I both love to hike, and we had a lot of fun.  Baby C decided about half way that he didn't want to stay in the hiking back pack, so that was a little tricky, but it was nice to be able to spend some good time with my mom.  The mountain was gorgeous, and we all enjoyed the fresh air.

Grandma S and baby C

Then last night we went to our Halloween party.  We were so excited, all dressed up, but baby C was not having it.  He smeared chocolate over our costumes, cried and pulled fits the whole party.  I think he's teething, poor little guy.  So the party was short lived, but it did make me excited for Halloween.

Here's to a Great Weekend! :)

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