Monday, October 14, 2013

A pizza party, football game and scenic drive

 We had what I would call a pretty stellar fall weekend.  

Friday night, Mr. H got home and we decided to get a pizza and eat it in the park.  We had so much fun playing with little C and letting him run wild.  His new things are jumping on command and dancing (which involves moving his arm from the front to the back).  
We then headed to JoAnn's to get some fabric for projects for Mr. H's Halloween costume.  
Who knew JoAnn's was so busy on a Friday night.  Seriously-the line was like 30 women long.  
Then we watched the movie "Tarzan".  Ok.  I had a serious melt down in the first fifteen minutes.  Does it break anyone else's heart hearing Phil Collins singing as baby Tarzan and his new gorilla mama find each other?  I could not handle it.  Ha.  As I was sobbing saying, "this is just SO SAD" Mr. H kept on laughing at me.  

Just tell me if that doesn't break your heart. 

Saturday morning I was able to do a long run down Emigration canyon.  It was gorgeous, and can I just say I love running downhill????  SOOO much better than uphill.

We then got to go to the U of U's football game against Stanford.  
So funny story:
Mr. H and I bought our tickets online.  We get to the stadium, and we found that we had AWESOME seats.  They were the chair kind, not the bleacher, mid-field,  and we were surrounded by really nice people.  The couple next to us asked if our mom had given us the tickets, which we thought was a little weird, but we moved on.  Anyway, we got to watch the first half of the game in these seats.  We went to go get some food during half time and when we came back during the third quarter, these two dark haired ladies were sitting there.  Mr. H and I told them that they were in our seats, to which we found out they were season ticket holders and we had been sitting in the wrong seats the WHOLE time.  It was pretty embarrassing to have to pack up the stroller, diaper bag, coats and blankets and head over to the nosebleed section.  Ha.  

Happy boys :)

Pretty Stadium
Fuzzy picture after the game
But it was a really awesome game!  Baby C loved the cheering and would clap and dance to the band.  The U played a great game, and Mr. H helped me understand what was going on more. :)

Sunday was nice, filled with naps and then we went on a scenic drive.
It was GORGEOUS.  I wish I could have captured the leaves better, but it was raining which only brought out the color more and it was GREAT.  

Baby C being a trooper
Well---it's fall break this week, but Mr. H is dutifully working on applications for Graduate school the whole time.  We're so proud of him and how hard he works.  

Here's to hoping the leaves last for a few more weeks! :)

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