Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday party and a good Movie

We had a delightful birthday for Mr. H.  
We picked him up from school early (it was six ha :)) and drove up emigration canyon.  
The colors were gorgeous!!!!

We went to Ruth's Diner for dinner.  It was so fun!!!! It's an old train car that's just in the canyon and the food was AMAZING.  Baby C did better than expected and we had a ton of fun oooing and awwing over his french fry dipping abilities. 
Laughing at everything Mr. H does :)

We came home, and Mr. H opened presents and ate blackberry pie.  We played his new game for the rest of the night.  We had so much fun taking a break with him, and it was fun to see him so much more relaxed!!!

Last year :)
This year :)

The cute cute boys!  Mr. H even wore the same shirt! :)  
We had considered going out with baby C, but Mr. H wanted him to come along.  I'm so glad he did.  We had such a good day as a little family. :)

On a random note-Mr. H and I watched this great movie last night.  He had to watch it for his psychology class, but it was about a father and son, in which the son had experienced some severe brain damage, and they use his old records to help regain memories. Different songs contained different memories.  It was beautiful.  It reminded me of how much music can speak to our souls.  I have my own songs that I can tell you specific memories of when I heard it.  Like "Ticket to Ride" by Karen Carpenter: I remember being in my dad's old shirt as my nightgown running up and down the halls, singing this song to the old CD player.  Or the first time I heard "Wheels on a Dream" from the musical Ragtime and knew that I wanted to study American History.  Or driving down the canyon, with the top down and being so happy listening to Styx with Mr. H.  Music tells a story.  
I loved this quote from the movie:

                                                "They don't just play the notes on the page."
                                                "No, they play what's in the air, you know?"

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