Saturday, August 15, 2015

Baby T is 5 months old!

This baby is growing so so fast.  

I already feel like he's all grown up.  Ha.  But really...he has been such a great baby.

Some stats:
15 lbs 10 oz.  This is BIG! I am loving loving all of his rolls.  
He still LOVES being held and apart of everything.

He does NOT like the bumbo, or being left on his playmat.  
He is still waking up 2-3 times a night.  We had a nursing strike/thing earlier this month which got me really anxious about how it was all going.  We're talking he would not stay on for longer than 20-30 seconds  at a time.  He kept on getting so DISTRACTED.  So I would have to lay down and cover his face with a blanket with a fan on to get to him to eat.  But I am happy to say it has gotten a little better.  But oh man, this little boy HAS to see what is happening around him.  

We have not started solids yet, but oh this boy wants food!  He is getting very interested in everything that we put in our  mouths. :)

He is an AMAZING napper.  Seriously, I just give him his blanket and he falls alseep in minutes.  This makes the night wakings ok for the minute.  
*he won't take a binkie, but he LOVES chewing on his blankets.  It's pretty darling.  

He tried the swing at the playground for the first time and loved it.  He also LOVES playing in the water.  

He loves pat a cake, peek a boo, and any other silly song.

His smiles light up our world.  He's the sweetest. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Miss Cutler (or Mrs. Priedman) comes to visit

This summer has been full of fun visitors.  

One of my very best friends was able to come visit for a week.  It was such a BLAST!

I was exhausted every night but that is a good sign of how much fun we were having.  

I'm super bummed I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to.  Oh well. A sign of a good time.

The first day driving her home from the airport, we actually got caught in a FREAK hail storm.  It was a little scary.  Ha...but we made it home in time. :)

Night one we drove into Boston and enjoyed Little Italy at was magical. 

The next day we headed up to Good Harbor Beach.  This beach is becoming one of my favorite special places in Massachusetts.  It is so beautiful.  We had a great day.  Perfect weather and perfect company.  

We attempted a fun dinner in Harvard square that night...which ended up being quite stressful because A. ZERO parking B. The places we had chose were closed.  Katie was a saint and it all worked out, but it was nice to get home and relax.  

The next day was C's birthday, which was so great.  
We spent the morning downtown, and it was so great showing Katie the place we had both loved studying growing up.

Our final day we spent in Concord.  We toured the Little Women house which was amazing.  The house is so so sweet.  It was us and a couple of older women and it was great.  

We ended up at Walden was beautiful.  

It was so great spending time with Katie.  She is such an amazing girl and we had a special time together.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

C turns 3!

My goodness, where did the time go!  

C turned 3 and I was so excited to celebrate him.  He's such a sweet little boy.  It's been amazing watching him grow.  

I got so nostalgic on his birthday, and it was so fun watching little videos of when he was a baby.  

C is 32 lbs, and 38 1/2 inches tall.  
He LOVES reading books, playing LEGOS, trucks, pretending, riding bikes outside, and is always up for an adventure.  He is seriously the easiest kid to take places.  He is learning so many songs, and loves playing with us.  He is so compassionate, and has such a loving heart.  

He's getting sillier as the time passes, and his prayers are getting sweeter and sweeter.

For his special day, we decked out the house in decorations, and served a fun b-day breakfast.  

We spent the morning in Boston, and then let C sleep the rest of the afternoon.  We made his favorite for dinner: lasagna.  :)

I made him a 'truck' birthday cake.  It was so funny...the sister missionaries had asked him if he would have a 'truck' birthday, and so he decided that is what he had to have.  It was so fun to make a birthday cake.  It actually turned out, which I was amazed!

We opened presents, and had a great night playing with them and him.  We love our C!!!!!!

Throwback to previous birthdays:

Monday, August 3, 2015

Grandpa W comes to Boston

We were so lucky to be able to have Mr. H's dad, Grandpa W come stay with us for a weekend.  It had been FOREVER since we had seen him, and it was a fantastic weekend.  

The Garden's are so beautiful. 

you can't see, but Thomas is right behind us.  Cutie boys. 

We had such a random thing occur: as we were hanging out in the Common's, we noticed a guy from our home ward in Centerville walking around.  We were all talking, when then we noticed our neighbors that lived on our street in Centerville walking around too.  What are the odds???

Dinner at Durgin Park (a delightful Bostonian restaurant)

Snapshots before church

we found a spider man at the temple...I think Mr. H thought it was cooler than T did.  
We headed out to the nearest city beach in Revere.  It was cool to see a new place!

They had just finished up the sand sculpting competition...some really cool stuff!

Thanks for the visit Grandpa W!