Saturday, August 15, 2015

Baby T is 5 months old!

This baby is growing so so fast.  

I already feel like he's all grown up.  Ha.  But really...he has been such a great baby.

Some stats:
15 lbs 10 oz.  This is BIG! I am loving loving all of his rolls.  
He still LOVES being held and apart of everything.

He does NOT like the bumbo, or being left on his playmat.  
He is still waking up 2-3 times a night.  We had a nursing strike/thing earlier this month which got me really anxious about how it was all going.  We're talking he would not stay on for longer than 20-30 seconds  at a time.  He kept on getting so DISTRACTED.  So I would have to lay down and cover his face with a blanket with a fan on to get to him to eat.  But I am happy to say it has gotten a little better.  But oh man, this little boy HAS to see what is happening around him.  

We have not started solids yet, but oh this boy wants food!  He is getting very interested in everything that we put in our  mouths. :)

He is an AMAZING napper.  Seriously, I just give him his blanket and he falls alseep in minutes.  This makes the night wakings ok for the minute.  
*he won't take a binkie, but he LOVES chewing on his blankets.  It's pretty darling.  

He tried the swing at the playground for the first time and loved it.  He also LOVES playing in the water.  

He loves pat a cake, peek a boo, and any other silly song.

His smiles light up our world.  He's the sweetest. 

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