Monday, August 3, 2015

Grandpa W comes to Boston

We were so lucky to be able to have Mr. H's dad, Grandpa W come stay with us for a weekend.  It had been FOREVER since we had seen him, and it was a fantastic weekend.  

The Garden's are so beautiful. 

you can't see, but Thomas is right behind us.  Cutie boys. 

We had such a random thing occur: as we were hanging out in the Common's, we noticed a guy from our home ward in Centerville walking around.  We were all talking, when then we noticed our neighbors that lived on our street in Centerville walking around too.  What are the odds???

Dinner at Durgin Park (a delightful Bostonian restaurant)

Snapshots before church

we found a spider man at the temple...I think Mr. H thought it was cooler than T did.  
We headed out to the nearest city beach in Revere.  It was cool to see a new place!

They had just finished up the sand sculpting competition...some really cool stuff!

Thanks for the visit Grandpa W!

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