Thursday, July 17, 2014

the 4th

Summer is here in FULL FORCE!  It has been so so hot lately!  
I keep telling C that in the cold winter we'll be wishing for this weather...

We had a lovely Fourth of July.  Thursday evening we met up with the H family and were able to attend the Fair in our hometown.  It was SO cute, and so fun to be there.  I love that Mr. H and I are from the same place, and know a lot of the same people.  We had fun catching up with some fun old friends.
We let C play a game and then mostly just hung out with Mr. H's parents and S and A.  It was fun chatting and enjoying everything.  

I dropped C off for bed, and then we came back for the fireworks.  It was lovely.

We stayed up late that night chatting with my family.  We slept in, and got to the parade.  It was so cute.  I really wanted to see C's reaction to everything, so I kept him close.  He loved it!  He loved the jets that flew overhead, and he loved the trucks.  He picked up on the collecting candy, and thanks to him we have quite the collection of salt water taffy in our cupboards.  It was really fun.


We then spent the day with my family.  We had a great BBQ, and then made a delicious tart.  My little brothers went to Fantasy Con as hobbits--they were super cute.

C with his favorite stash of pretzels. 

We played games, took naps and enjoyed the day.  

Thank you to both families for making these holidays so fun!!!!

To end the night, we watched the most patriotic movie we could think of: "Jurassic Park"---ha.  Mr. H really wanted me to see it. 

Happy Fourth!

lovely PARK CITY!

We were able to take a quick weekend trip with Mr. H's family to Park City.

I went up with C a litlle early to enjoy the resort (and mostly the pool).

The condo was great, and it was really fun to all be together.

C loved playing with his cousins.

We were able to do the alpine slide and coaster the next day.  It was a BLAST!
C loved riding the coaster with us, which was so fun!!! He loved the ski lift, and he would giggle all the way down.  Mr. H and I enjoyed all of the rides, and it was an awesome day!!!
On the Ski Lift...he did so great!

Loving the slide :)

He really wanted to sit by Miss E and eat her snacks

Liked the rides!

The next day we went to the Olympic Park, and watched some cool snowboarders do their tricks in the pool.  We also went to the museum, and saw cool Olympic memorabilia.  

We went swimming, and man, I was hoping C would like it, but he did not.  We finally got him to calm down a little bit and he enjoyed being with his cousins in the pool.  

While the kids were napping, the girls decided to lay out, and try out to see if coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen.  ***spoiler: if you are out in the sun for 2 + hours, coconut oil does not quite do the trick. :)

We had a great weekend, and enjoyed being in the beautiful mountains of Utah, as well as with Mr. H's family.

p.s. the last time we did this, C was only about 5 weeks old.  CRAZY!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

the B.I.N.K.Y

The Binky.

C started using one almost as soon as he was born.

I used to look down on parents that used binkys...idk they didn't seem hard core or something.

But a friend of mine introduced me to 'mams' and it changed my life that day.  C would instantly calm down the minute he had one.  


fast forward to this month:

Since coming home from Europe, C has been obsessed with his binky.  He ALWAYS knows where it is, he ALWAYS has to have it, and he refuses to hand it over.

Then one day (as in Monday) he just stopped.  He handed me the binky, played all afternoon, and went to bed that night without it.  He asked Mr. H once before falling asleep, but then fell asleep before he realized he didn't have it.  

That is the first time in probably 21 months that he has EVER slept without his binky.  

We decided to see what happened the next morning.  He was fine!  He was so happy, talkative and he played so well outside.  For his nap, he got a little sad, but he cried for 5 minutes and then fell asleep.  

Today he hasn't asked for it once.  

This is what we call a modern day miracle. 


so proud of our big boy!