Thursday, July 17, 2014

the 4th

Summer is here in FULL FORCE!  It has been so so hot lately!  
I keep telling C that in the cold winter we'll be wishing for this weather...

We had a lovely Fourth of July.  Thursday evening we met up with the H family and were able to attend the Fair in our hometown.  It was SO cute, and so fun to be there.  I love that Mr. H and I are from the same place, and know a lot of the same people.  We had fun catching up with some fun old friends.
We let C play a game and then mostly just hung out with Mr. H's parents and S and A.  It was fun chatting and enjoying everything.  

I dropped C off for bed, and then we came back for the fireworks.  It was lovely.

We stayed up late that night chatting with my family.  We slept in, and got to the parade.  It was so cute.  I really wanted to see C's reaction to everything, so I kept him close.  He loved it!  He loved the jets that flew overhead, and he loved the trucks.  He picked up on the collecting candy, and thanks to him we have quite the collection of salt water taffy in our cupboards.  It was really fun.


We then spent the day with my family.  We had a great BBQ, and then made a delicious tart.  My little brothers went to Fantasy Con as hobbits--they were super cute.

C with his favorite stash of pretzels. 

We played games, took naps and enjoyed the day.  

Thank you to both families for making these holidays so fun!!!!

To end the night, we watched the most patriotic movie we could think of: "Jurassic Park"---ha.  Mr. H really wanted me to see it. 

Happy Fourth!

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