Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Break

This past week was Mr. H's fall break.
Except, it wasn't really a break for Mr. H since he is applying for graduate schools and continually working extremely hard.  
But, it was still fall break, so we had to do some fun things.

Dinner with Mr. H's parents and sister
Lunch with my mom and dad for his birthday 
watching Monsters Inc.
Watching the Halloween Special version of Toy Story

Then, Mr. H watched baby C so I could go to a Jerusalem reunion.  
I was able to attend the Jerusalem Center back in 2010, and it has remained one of the greatest things I've ever been able to experience.  
We all got together and saw the Jerusalem movie.
It was fantastic!!!!!

It brought back so many memories.

Jumping through the temples in Luxor, Egypt
At the Garden Tomb 
Participating in the Palm Sunday celebration

(The beautiful center, at the Dome again, my awesome roommates looking out over the old city, and us with our friends we made there.  )
Anyway, sweet reminisces.

I got home, and we proceeded to stay up so late and sew Mr. H's Halloween costume. :)  

Saturday was full of homework, but we did manage to go to the pumpkin patch.  I was so excited and thought baby C would run around and love the pumpkins, corn maze and tractors, but man was that baby underwhelmed.  He was not overall impressed, and was more excited to jump back into the car afterwards and listen to the radio with us.  
Oh well I guess :)
This about summed up his attitude :)

Sunday was filled with family time at my parent's home for my dad's birthday.  Mr. H watched Lord of the Rings with the boys, and I chatted and hung out with my mom.  We had a really nice day together, and it was fun to celebrate my dad.  We got to see my aunt and cousins, as well as my grandparents which is always fun.  

Baby C is growing up so quickly.  Man does this baby have an attitude.  But he loves being silly, and he loves playing.  We love hearing him when he wakes up jumping on his bed, and the way he always puts his little things everywhere.  (The car keys in his bath cup, what??? :) )  

It was a busy week, but now we're half way!!!!  Mr. H is on the downhill stretch and that feels GOOD!


  1. He's too cute! I love the picture of him with the pumpkins.

  2. ha-right? how he wouldn't smile...what a funny boy. :) we miss you!!!