Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 years ago....

3 years ago
Mr. H proposed.

It was a chilly day in Provo.  We had been ring shopping that morning, and one of the places had let us keep the ring to compare it to others.  I just kept looking at the ring box, and I knew I wanted that ring.

Anyway, we were driving back to my apartment, and all the sudden Mr. H asked me how to get to this park up by the mountains.  We had held hands for the first time here, and he had asked me to be his girlfriend also here.  My guard immediately went up.  We started making our way there, and my mind was racing.  Was he going to propose?  Usually Mr. H did very thought out, over the top things, and so I was confused as to why he wasn't being more secretive.

We got to the park, and as he got out of the car, I noticed he grabbed the ring box.  I immediately called him out on it.  He told me to pretend I hadn't seen anything.  HA!  We stepped onto the grass, and Mr. H told me he loved me and wanted to spend eternity with him.  He got down on his knees and asked me to marry him.  I of course said 'yes' and we proceeded to take the mini photo-shoot you see above for our future posterity.

Mr. H later told me that he hadn't planned on proposing that day, but on our way back to Provo he thought, "I have the ring, I want to be engaged, and I love her, so why not?!"  It still makes me smile.
We went up to Rock Canyon and talked and talked.

Mr. H then let us go and 'splurge' by splitting a meal at Zupa's to celebrate.  :)

We ended up at my apartment, where Mr. H wanted to create a spread sheet of every single thing that needed to be done for our wedding.  We were going to go into Centerville the next day, and he wanted to be prepared to show our parents our plan.  Bless his heart, we worked on that spreadsheet for the rest of the night, in true Mr. H fashion.  I was pretty giddy and spent most of the time kissing him and giggling with my roommates.

I do remember it felt really good to be engaged.  It was exciting, yet reassuring.

for LOVE!

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  1. Oh my gosh, CUTE!!! And a spreadsheet?!?? Oh my gosh, that made me laugh so hard!!!!!