Saturday, January 4, 2014

Year Review

2013 was a down year for us.  I kind of think life is that way, you get a jam packed year, and then a down year, and then another big year etc.   
Our first two years of marriage were very eventful, so it was wonderful to get a 'down' year.


Baby C turned 5 MONTHS!
2013 Bachelor Baby C, We finished an 1000 piece puzzle, Mr. H started another semester, Baby C did a lot of hanging with dad, Baby C enjoyed baby food, and we had fun looking at eskimo version BABY C

We also were able to have Kelsie Hill @ Blackbird Design take some pictures of baby C.

Baby C @ 6 months
Baby C got a lot more comfortable with baby food, Baby C loved taking more pictures, we celebrated a Valentine's at home, and we took baby C to the zoo for the first time
Baby C @7 months
Baby C in the tub, Baby C had his first surgery at Primary Children's Medical Center, and we celebrated by 23rd birthday
We celebrated baby C's first Easter
Baby C @ 8 months
Baby C got his first swimsuit, liked playing with his toys, and we went the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
This was our first vacation month in FOREVER.  I think we went a little crazy, but it was an AWESOME month.  
Baby C @ 9 months
We vacationed in San Clemente and San Diego!  Took in the beach, Sea World, Old Town, and the Zoo. 
We did some family hiking.  We love our mountains!
Mr. H and I went to a REAL soccer game

Baby C @10 months, Took our first family camping trip, Baby C got his first tooth
Baby C @11 months, Celebrated the 4th of July
discovered more and more fruit, did some more camping trips and baby C found a new way to sleep.
baby C loved knocking towers down, and then discovered how to scowl.  And I mean REALLY scowl. 
Mr. H's sister A got married.  It was an awesome day.
Baby C turned one, and we did another camping trip with friends.
We had birthday parties for baby C, and he loved all of his attention. :)
We finished up doing "This is the Place Park" with my family. 

We got one final camping trip in with Mr. H's family.
We went to Pineview with Mr. H's family, and Mr. H had another first day of school.
We had some beautiful family pictures taken by a friend in the ward:

We went on another family hike, Mr. H had a presentation and we headed to Temple Square
We were able to go to the Utah State Fair!
Baby C and I were able to go to Idaho with my mom for my grandma's birthday!
Then Mr. H started getting busy with school, we went to the Leonardo Museum, had a painting date night, and baby C became obsessed with "Good Night Moon"
Mr. H enjoyed a birthday, we watched General Conference and attended a U of U football game!
We took some beautiful fall drives, went to a pumpkin patch, C and I went with my mom on a hike, and we attempted to carve pumpkins.
We went as Obi Won Kanobi, Princess Leia and a baby Ewok for Halloween.
We enjoyed watching baby C learn to play more, and I captured this prize of a picture of Mr. H
We enjoyed Thanksgiving at my parents, and then headed down to Moab with Mr. H's Family.

We bought a Christmas Tree.

Attended the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert

We enjoyed many Christmas activities with both families this season, in which I failed to capture enough with my camera.  

What an amazing year.  It really puts things in perspective when you see it all thrown together.  Baby C is no longer a baby, and Mr. H and I continue to grow up. 

Here's to wonderful 2014!

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