Sunday, January 5, 2014


So I'm a couple of posts behind.

But I didn't want to forget about Christmas!!!!

I learned a couple of things this year. 
1. I procrastinated everything till the week of, and that was a really bad idea. I learned that there is true wisdom in getting everything done early so that you can feel the spirit of the season.  Sometimes I guess you just have to learn the hard way.
2. 1 1/2 year olds don't need a lot of presents.  Mr. H and I went a little overboard this year for baby C, and then everyone was so generous as well. It was so sweet of everyone!  But I think the lesson I learned was that they can be happy with one or two things.  
3.  Wrap presents BEFORE Christmas eve.  Ha. :)

MOVING on to the big days:

Christmas eve was a lot of fun.  We went up to Mr. H's family's and the boys sledded for about ten minutes and then we tried to put baby C down for a nap, which would not happen.  So we all hung out together.  I love chatting with the H's and seeing all the cousins together.  My brother S on his mission called at one, and so the three of us ran down to my house to skype with him.  He is doing so good, and is such a cutie.  He was so happy and sweet.  Talking to him was a good reminder of what is truly important about Christmastime.  
We then ran back up to the H's, and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  Then came the annual Christmas talent show, which is always a lot of fun.  Our little family attempted to get baby C to perform 'Once there was a Snowman', and we enjoyed giggling and enjoying everyone's talents.  
Baby C finally went down for a nap!  and we got to chat some more, especially with Mr. H's Grandma D.  She is a lot of fun, and it was nice to relax.

We headed down to my family's around four, and we enjoyed hanging out there.  It is fun to have L and J in town for the holidays.  We got chinese take-out for dinner, which was super good.  We played some games, and then did our annual christmas carol sing-a-long.  It was so nice this year: Brother A played his violin and brother O played his trumpet and it was beautiful.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening together.

Mr. H and I got home and put the babe to bed.  We then set out to wrap all the presents.  We always enjoy doing this.  We  are still kids at heart, and wrap each other's presents in private.  We then do each other stockings and set out a present from Santa on the couch.  We cover it up with a blanket, and the last person leaving the room takes the blanket off without looking so the next morning we can both be surprised. :)  
We got to bed late that night, and were both so excited for the  morning.  

We were so excited, we didn't sleep a wink.  Silly us.  We enjoyed our Christmas morning together.  Mr. H gave me a map of the world to start marking off our adventures, Taylor Swift's "RED" CD, pajamas (first ones since I was TEN!) and some cute earrings.  Thanks to my mom, I gave him a tee-shirt quilt of a ton of his shirts he had kept throughout the years.  He really liked that. :)  

We then woke up baby C.  I don't think he appreciated us waking him up, but he got excited when he saw his toys.

We headed into Centerville to the H's house.  We opened presents all together.  It was so fun.  Baby C started getting really good at knowing if you tear up some paper, great things are in store. :)  
We then hung out and enjoyed playing with the presents together.  

After lunch we headed down to the G's house.  It was fun opening presents with my family.  Baby C loved all the attention.  My uncle J came over and we played games, had a delicious dinner and hung out.  It was great.  

After bedtime, Mr. H and I went and saw "Saving Mr. Banks" with the H's.  It was AMAZING.  I had done some background research on PL Travers, and the movie wasn't really accurate, but if you get over that, you will LOVE it.  Such a beautiful story.  I loved how it taught us to live in the present, and not be limited by our pasts.  I loved what it taught us about forgiveness.  I also thought it was powerful to see such a wonderful man destroyed by an addiction, and how addictions can make us lose the most beautiful things in the world: our family.  But I also thought it was powerful to see that (most) sometimes the best of people have addictions, and it is our job to love them and help them.
Anyway--go see it if you can!

We slept over at the G's house.  Baby C had a rough night, so we all ended up on the floor.  One of my tenderest moments from the season happened this night, however.  C was so scared, and it was the most beautiful thing to see Mr. H calming him down.  He was so soft and loving, and I couldn't help but think how lucky our kids will be to have him as a father.  Baby C fell asleep holding Mr. H's hand through the rails.  

We were so grateful for everyone's kindness this season.  It was a wonderful Christmas.


  1. I LOVE that last picture of you guys in front of the Christmas tree!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. You are too sweet. Thanks for being the number 1 commentator! :) Hope to see you soon! :)