Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life lately

So I realized I was really slacking on the past couple of weeks.  
Mr. H teases me that I never blog unless we are doing something fun.
Which is kind of true.
However, I have been the happiest girl these past two weeks.  
Mr. H and I have been getting back into our routine.  
We have set our family goals, and we are trying our hardest to accomplish them.
We have been doing a lot of laughing together.
We got to go to the temple last weekend.
We got to get some GOURMANDISE. Which is the best.
We've played some which Mr. H finally looked up the rules and they are WAY different than I grew up playing, so now I lose instead of win.
We've played basketball at the church.  
I've set a goal to do ten jumping jacks whenever I start to get bothered/annoyed, and it has been hilarious. 
Mr. H is working away and getting ready to go to his conference at HARVARD.  I'm a little jealous.
C dropped his 2nd nap.  I am having to learn how to get things done with him awake, and so that he feels like he's getting enough attention.
I scored a free bookcase from the dumpster, that now houses all my books.  
C finally likes brushing his teeth!
 I started doing 'weekly' goals.
C discovered all of his outdoor toys again.

Life is good.

LAST first day of school as an UNDERGRADUATE!
C is loving the red hat from Christmas.  He feels pretty hard core in it.

When he saw the real basketball hoop, he had to give it a try. 

Until he realized it was impossible---and he needed mom's help. 

Discovering all of his old toys from the Summer!!! 

His cute friend loves to push him on the swings.  

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