Wednesday, February 5, 2014

life lately.

Getting adjusted to real life can be hard.
We were so glad to get Mr. H home, but getting back to the hustle and bustle put us all through a loop.
Mr. H played in some intramural,
church basketball
and it's fun watching him play.  I had forgotten that he is an amazing team player.  Not only in basketball, but in life.

We were able to stop in and go to the Natural History Museum with Mr. H.  We were both surprised at how much C liked it.  He got into the exhibits, and liked the dinosaur bones.

Speaking of dinosaurs, C has a favorite book about how dinosaurs go to bed. There are moms and dads, and on one of the pages the dinosaur 'roars'.  He LOVES  finding that page by himself and 'roaring'!

I got a WEIRD hankering to make croissants.  Like real, Parisian croissants.
I followed this recipe.
It took forever!  3 days to be precise.  I have not ever put that much work into something.
But when I pulled them out of the oven, and ate one, and it was as delicious as something I could have bought at Gourmandise, I was really excited.
If there is a next time, I think I will add some chocolate and make them pain au chocolats.... :)

C is officially a member of nursery at church!  I was a little nervous to leave him there, but he walked right in with his little friend and I was told he did great.
*side note: he has never had fruit snacks, and discovered them there.  The leaders told me he LOVED them and kept taking the other kid's.
It was really nice to be able to focus on our meetings, and he was the happiest camper when I picked him up.

C loves playing in his room.  He is a lucky boy to have so many fun things.

Mr. H and I have finally got our Europe trip for the summer in the works.  Now pray for airfare to come back down. :)

We enjoyed watching the Superbowl with the H family.  There have been some medical scares, and we are all praying for the best.  Times like these remind me how important it is to LOVE each other.

There was a gorgeous snowstorm the other day.  
Anyway, I'm really starting to learn how much life has it's ups and downs.  It seems some parts of last week, I was so down, and felt that things couldn't get much worse.  And luckily, we got some good news to balance the bad.  But I'm really trying to learn how to ride the down parts and learn to get through them without so many bumps. Maybe even enjoy them.

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