Tuesday, February 11, 2014

18 months

C is officially 18 months. (And a couple of days) 
To start of this new chapter of life,
he is officially sick with pneumonia.  
However, he is on the mend so we attempted to do a 18 month photo shoot.

As you can see, emotions are all over the board at this time of life for C.

I think the biggest change in the last three months for me is how fast he is learning new things.  
He loves parroting new words, with some favorites including 'bird', 'pepper' 'love you' and 'emma'.
He loves climbing things.  His new favorite is to climb into the dishwasher.  
He loves pushing buttons.  On the TV, computers, cameras, you name it.
He loves helping cook.  He pulls over a chair and stands next to me and plays with the utensil drawer.
He loves the fridge and finding bags of cheese inside.
He has started turning all the knobs on the stove, as well as using the toaster---much to my chagrin! 
He loves reading books.  He has started pointing to things in his stories and saying what they are, and he has memorized the pages with fun sounds, mimicking them as well.
His favorite book is "How do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep"
He loves playing ball. Still.  It is safe to say he is obsessed with them.  He asks for them when he wakes up and loves his collection.
He likes 'winking' and making his 'cute' face.
He dislikes getting his teeth brushed.
About a month ago, he gave up his 2nd nap.  He goes down now around 12:30 and takes a two to three hour nap.  He goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up around 8.  It is great!
He loves cuddling, and loves to cuddle on Mr. H's chest.  
He loves singing songs, with "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" and "5 little monkeys" being some of his favorites.  *I do have to mention sometimes I think he more likes seeing me and Mr. H jumping around looking silly than actual singing.
He loves playing the piano. He has picked up from seeing the other kids play, and loves using both of his hands, and will play little melodies. He also likes pounding the keys.  But I am excited as I watch him figure out the instrument.  
He loves playing "Ring a round the rosy" and "Hide and Seek"
'No' means 'Yes' in the H household

It's crazy for me to think that this little boy is already a year and half, and I am so grateful for him. Parenting is definitely difficult, and the toddler stage is bringing new challenges, but it is also such a blessing and joy to watch him grow up.

C one year ago! at six months

*not to be confused with Cat. :)

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  1. He is too cute! I am glad Emma made the list of words he likes to say.