Friday, February 7, 2014

late night talks

C and I are sick.

He's sicker than me, but we're both sick sick.  
Luckily Mr. H came home last night a little early and saved us both.  

The olympics started!  The team ice skating was last night and in all my sick glory, I felt my heart get bigger as I watched the beautiful performances.  

We have good news in our house!!!  We are either going to be living in Philadelphia, PA or Boston, MA for the next little while.  SO EXCITED!!!!!

So I've been of course researching my little heart out.




Last nights conversation:
Mr. H "I'm thinking we should get rid of our car when we move."
me: "WHAT??!!!!" No way!"
Mr. H "It just doesn't make sense financially to keep it when we'll live in a city with awesome transportation."
me: "How will I go grocery shopping with kids???  how will we go places?"
Mr. H "I don't could take a stroller?"
I knew I had to talk some sense in him: "How would we go CAMPING?"
Mr. H "You know, you have a point there."

My friend K and my mom came over and hung out for awhile yesterday.  It was a blast.  Those two are funny: I think my favorite line of our conversation:
my mom "K, do you not like Mitt Romney?"
pause, K "I'm like GO HILARY CLINTON!"

Anyway, we're getting so excited.  
So here's to a long, great weekend in which we can feel better and keep dreaming. :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous. I'm in NY just 2.5 hours away from Boston so we have been in a few times already. I am in love with it!!! It's somehow got a really cozy feel to it. Pick Boston!

    1. I"M so jealous of your fun adventure!!!! *And I know, Boston would be amazing....I can finally put my American Studies knowledge to good use! :) Hope all is well with you!

  2. Awwww, don't leave!!!! But that picture of Boston at Halloween time is enough to make me sigh all over and wish I were YOU! Good luck Kyle with interviews Kyle!!