Monday, February 10, 2014

Saving Money Monday: Walmart Price-Match

Hey team.
So we're ALL sick now.  Which is a bummer of the century.
Hopefully that will be over soon.
I still need to post C's 18 month stats.

I've been trying different ways to save money.
Some friends kept telling me about Walmart's Price matching.
I am not a Walmart fan.  HOWEVER, I am a fan of eating lots of fruits and vegetables and having enough food in the house so Mr. H and C don't starve to death on Sundays.  

SO, I started price matching this month.  I thought I would share what I am finding with you every monday.  I just write down the prices at other stores and then tell the checkers.  They are so great about it.  Seriously. 

Here is for the week of February 10th.
MILK: $1.99 a gallon (skim, 1 %, 2 % generic brand) @Rancho Markets
DaVINCI pasta: $0.88 each @Reams
1 lb strawberries: $1.88 @Sprouts Farmers Market
6 oz blueberries: $1.88 @Sprout's Farmers Market
yellow onions: $0.39 lb @Reams
green onions: $0.39 a bundle @Reams
Cilantro: $0.39 a bundle @Reams
Cache Valley Shredded Cheese: $1.98 for the 8 oz @Ridleys
Roma Tomatoes: $0.50 lb @Rancho Markets
Grapefruit: $0.50 lb @Rancho Markets
Bananas: $0.49 lb @ Fresh Market
Red and Green peppers: $0.50 each @Sprout's Farmers Market
*in Salt Lake locations

Some tips on price matching:
-write down the prices and places you've found
-tell them you want to price match as soon as you start checking out
-grocery shop at Walmart in the morning: the produce is in much better condition
-keep to your list!  You will save so much money if you can keep to your list.  

So an example of our weekly menu:

Tacos: homemade tortillas, beef, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, green onions
Sloppy Joes on multi-grain thins, paired with sweet potato fries.
Pasta w/ fresh tomato sauce + frozen vegetable we have on hand *our favorite is green beans
Heart shaped pizzas topped w/ pepperoni, peppers, sausage and cheese
*homemade sauce and crust found here
Omelets w/onions, mushrooms, spinach, peppers and leftover sausage
Red pepper alfredo sauce on whole wheat rotini.  

I try and keep to about $50.00 a week on groceries.  This includes ALL our food.  

Happy Monday!!!!

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