Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pre Christmas Festivities

Mr. H finished up all his things on WEDNESDAY! Hooray!!! :)
Thursday, we had planned to go and be with our families, but we had a snowed in day.
Sometimes being forced to relax is kind of nice.  We played with baby C, and then spent the evening snuggling watching a movie.

Saturday we were able to run around Davis County finalizing Christmas shopping.
It was really fun.
L and J were able to fly in, and we got to see them on 

But first we went to church, and then attended our friend's baby blessing, which was beautiful.

We got to my parents and had a ball catching up with L and J (sister and brother-in law)
We convinced my parents to make a ton of homemade gingerbread and let us make houses and hobbit holes.  
For the record, I think homemade gingerbread is much easier to work with in building a house than the kits.
That night we headed up to Mr. H's house and had the annual "game-night".  
We always enjoy being together and it's fun to see the little cousins all together.

Today I am trying to clean the house, and prepare for the big two days.  We were able to attend a concert at the Cathedral of the Madeline in Salt Lake City.  It was AMAZING.  And quite beautiful.  

We also were able to go to temple square one final time and enjoy the lights.  
Salt Lake is a truly magical place to be for Christmas.


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  1. Hobbit Holes?? We also went to the performance at the Cathedral of the Madeleine! AWESOME!