Monday, December 2, 2013


Thanksgiving was awesome this year.
To start it off: Mr. H is done with his college applications!!!! So proud of him!

We headed into Centerville on Wednesday night and made some delicious pies.  It was my perfect ideal: aprons, Christmas music, people I love and making delicious desserts.  
We made four pies: 2 pumpkin, 1 blackberry, and 1 chocolate. 
We learned that in Korean one woman in the kitchen is the symbol for peace, and two women in the kitchen is the symbol for war. :)  We still had a lot of fun together, and it was fun to be together!
The next morning I went on a run, and then met up with miss K for a little hike up our mountain.  It was so fun to have it be like old times, and we had good conversation as usual.

Baby C had so much fun playing at my parents house, Mr. H played with my brothers and I helped make the delicious dinner.  My parents sure know how to do thanksgiving. It was wonderful.  My dad decorated, we all cooked and it was really fun.  

The beautiful table

My mother is the queen of multi-tasking
 Both sets of grandparents, two uncles and my dad's second cousin were able to come this year, and it was a blast.  I love my family.  We were all able to chat and enjoy being together.
Most of the group
Baby C loved the food
We then took everyone on a hike up the mountain again.  Mr. H and I didn't get too far with baby C, as he just wanted to throw rocks, but it was still fun.
picking up rocks with grandma
 Thanks mom and dad for the awesome day and night---it was perfect.

Mr. H, baby C and I then headed down to Moab.  The only mistake we made on the drive was we didn't pack any food, and to our surprise, EVERYWHERE was closed along the way.  ha. 
Mr. H's family had rented out a house just out of Moab, and all of his family were there.  

The next morning we got to on an awesome hike up to Double O arch.  (my favorite!).  The kids did pretty well, and it was really pretty.  The snow and fog were gorgeous in the red rock. 
Start of the hike---it was freezing!
The group! (minus Aunt A)

Landscape Arch

Double O Arch

Baby C was exhausted and zonked out for the last part.  Poor kid.

The hikers :)
 That afternoon, some of the group went mountain biking and the rest of us stayed in and napped, chatted and had a good time.  It was fun to have everyone together and let the kids play.  They are getting to be so cute together!!!  Our niece E was a complete doll and it was fun to be able to snuggle her, while our nephew M and baby C played and chased each other around.   

The next day, we rented jeeps and went off roading.  That was really fun!  The trail we picked was on the difficult side, and I tried to act calm during it all, but it was fun!  We all got to drive and it was fun to get some adrenaline going.  

The Crew

Later that afternoon while the boys went mountain biking, Grandpa W took me and baby C on another jeep ride with the two Aunt A's in the other jeep and we did a nice, simple ride to picture frame arch.  It was really fun, and baby C loved playing in the dirt.  
Random cave with a fire lit inside

Baby C with his dirt

Picture Frame Arch

We had a great night, and everyone was able to pack up in the morning and get home safely.  
It was a great trip!  Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa T and W for the awesome time.

Christmas is right around the corner, so today I'm trying to get motivated to get everything clean and ready to decorate.  

Happy 2nd day of December!!!!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! I'm excited to see what you guys do for Christmas!

  2. Cute ken! I still can't believe how adorable Christian is.