Monday, December 16, 2013


So Mr. H is almost done.
One more test, one more fellowship and this semester will be OVER!


By this last Friday, he was feeling much better and happier, and he was able to relax and have fun.
He was so much fun to be with!  I am so grateful for these vacations--- they are sorely needed.

Friday we were able to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.  My dad is a really talented graphic designer and always designs their programs.

This year's theme was a "Dickens Christmas" and it was delightful as always.  There is nothing more Christmas-y than those concerts.  

Saturday we were able to sleep in and then Mr. H and went on a DATE which was exciting.  We went to "Ender's Game".  It was good--- Mr. H was a little disappointed and I was pleasantly surprised so all in all it was successful.  
In the car on the way---baby C discovered his bowl could be a hat.  It was pretty hilarious. This boy keeps us laughing. 

We did a music program for Sunday, and then we were able to nap the day away. We were able to go to Temple Square with Mr. H's family.  It was fun and baby C loved the lights.  We got home, drank some delicious hot chocolate and made sugar cookies.  Baby C was adorable helping us... until he started stuffing large chunks of dough in his face. ha.

We've been having impromptu photo shoots of baby C
His little faces kill me. 
This time of year really makes me reflect on how blessed our little family is.  Every day new blessings are given, and we are so grateful.  
We are also continually grateful for little baby C (who's not really a baby anymore). :(  I had a dr's appt. with the dermatologist this morning, and the cute medical assistant kept asking me questions about my baby, and then revealed she was expecting but hadn't told anybody except for the random patients that came through in the office.  As we talked, I got so excited for this stranger to experience the joys of having these little children in your life.  Yes, it is harder and more stressful, but I can honestly say that baby C has made my life better in ALL aspects.  

Merry 8 days till Christmas!

p.s. my friend posted this sweet picture of her daughter and baby C.  These two are seriously the cutest together.

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  1. Hooray for Christmas Break. I'm so glad you guys will have some quality time together. Yippee!