Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life lately...

Time is flying by!
Thanksgiving is TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!
 Last week, our court did a neighborhood potluck, so I tried my hand at these rolls.
Delicious!!!!  Baby C helped cook, and it was so fun.

This past weekend, we got to watch my cute little brothers while my parents were on a cruise in Europe.  
It was so fun!  Baby C LOVED playing with both of them, and loved being able to run around a big house.  I loved having people to play with, since Mr. H has still been so busy.
We played battleship, monopoly, mario kart and watched Nacho Libre. :)  
I also was able to throw my friend S a baby shower.  It was really fun to see some old friends.
My brothers and Mr. H really helped me with that---I seriously have the best family.
My parents had an awesome time on their cruise, and brought us back amazing pastries, chocolate and cute aprons. :)

Mr. H was called to be the 2nd counselor in our bishopric for our church.  He is excited, and I know he will do such a great job.  Mostly it will be fun to make faces at him in sacrament meeting while he is on the stand. :)

We have a fun filled week ahead of us, with thanksgiving and a trip to Moab coming up.
So I did a random photo shoot of baby C on the playground.  Gotta live up the nice weather while we can. 
I'm loving the stage that he is in.  He has recently started folding his arms on his own before we eat now.  We were so excited that some of our parenting rubbed off!  He is such a sweetheart and we constantly tell ourselves how lucky we are to have him. :)

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