Saturday, November 16, 2013

Haircut Blues

I haven't cut my hair in one YEAR.
That's a long time.  
It's gotten really long, and I knew something had to be done.
I've always gone to a nice salon, paying around $25-which included a lovely scalp massage, washing my hair, and then styling it when done.  The salon was lovely, the hair dressers cheerful, etc.

For some dumb reason I decided $25 on a haircut once a year was too expensive.
So I tried out a local cheap hair salon.  
I figured they couldn't mess my hair up too bad and I might be pleasantly surprised.

When I arrived I quickly realized that this was not like a salon I was used to.  No pretty music, plush seats, fancy products.  The stylists all looked like they were having really bad days.  And nobody looked happy they were getting their hair cut. 

When I got to the girl I was assigned to, she asked me a couple of questions about my hair.  I had intentionally not washed it, as they have always washed my hair in the past. 
She informed me that my hair was too long and it would be easier to just cut it dry.  
How embarrassing.  
So I sat there with my oily, gross post work-out hair and let her try to comb it out.
My hair cut took approx. 15 minutes.
The whole time she was just trying to sell me their salon's products.
No friendly, salon chit-chat.

I walked out with my same gross hair cut in a boxy, blunt cut and paid $17!!!!

So my advice:
If you enjoy the magic of having your hair feel amazing and look beautiful, pay the extra $8 and go to a nicer salon.  
I didn't know I appreciated the magic of a nice salon, 
but there is magic in a nice salon. 
Go somewhere where it makes you want to come home and take pictures on your photo booth of yourself.
photo taken in 2009.  That is a happy customer right there :)

If you like getting your haircut, go somewhere where they like cutting it.   

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  1. Oh ken! Shoot girl. I am sure it turned out ok...I totally agree though..once you go somewhere nice going to the "dollar" salons are terrible.