Friday, November 1, 2013


 This past October was a really great month in terms of celebrating for us.  

I actually decorated the apartment, which was kind of a first for me. :)

Yesterday we picked Mr. H up from work and headed up to visit our families.  

For our costumes, we decided to go STAR WARS

Mr. H was so excited.  We sewed a jedi robe and tunic for him.   He told me it had always been a childhood dream of his to go as a jedi. :)
The beard was grown out for the costume.  Mr. H was stoked. 

I went as Princess Leia, and then Baby C was a baby ewok.  
Leia and Obi-Wan Kenobi
Our little Ewok...who was kind of a sad little Ewok. 

It was so fun to all dress up together.  

We had such a fun Halloween-themed dinner with Mr. H's family.  
Grandma T had witches fingers, beef stew and cool dry ice root beer.
It was nice to be able to see them and spend some time with them.
We got dressed up and it was fun for baby C to be the center of attention of the cameras.

Since Mr. H and I used to only live six housed down from each other, we trick or treated down to my family's house.  Baby C didn't really understand the concept, but it was fun to see our old neighbors.  

I do have to say, I haven't been trick or treating in 11 years, and it did feel a little weird to knock on someone's door and be in a costume and ask for candy.  ha.  

We trick or treated to my parents house and they were so cute with baby C.  Baby C immediately knew where all their toys were, and we all chatted, took pictures and ate pomegranets. It would have been my parents first Halloween just them, but luckily they had us to crash it. :)

Then we headed up to our neighbor's for donuts.  3 years ago, on Halloween, Mr. H invited me to come to his house to see each other for the first time after his mission.  
I was so nervous to see him, but we gave each other awkward hugs and went down to the basement.  We immediately started talking like we had always been best friends. 
That night I knew that Mr. H was like coming home for me.  
Anyway, that night we went to this same neighbor's house for donuts.  We were such an awkward couple, not dating yet, but together.  Our neighbors were so sweet to us and I love that they are part of our Halloween tradition. :)

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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