Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I used to do a photo shoot every month on Baby C's birthday.  
I would then video him and tell the updates.

But---you can only do that for so long. :)  

However, today is baby C's 15 month birthday, and he has been doing so many cute things I still wanted to document some of them.

-Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  STILL!  His new thing is when you finish the book, he will tell you "no, no, no" and then make you read it again.
-Itsy Bitsy Spider-another book that we sing to him
-Good Night Moon- Mr. H loves this one too
-playing hide and seek with mommy
-cuddling!!! He will come up to you and lean his head on your shoulder, or let you snuggle him for about five minutes.  I'm loving it!
-being chased!  He gets really excited when you say "I'm going to get you!"
-Peek a boo---he knows this is his cutest trick.
-when daddy gets home
-holding a fork while he eats his food with his fingers
-his blanket and crib
-his binky and bottle...need to work on these
-his reflection in the mirror
-holding multiple objects in one hand and running around carrying them
-singing songs
-grandparent's house
-throwing things in the garbage can

-getting medicine
-being told 'no'
-getting something taken away (like mom's cell phone, wallet, etc.)
-sharing his toys (working on this too...)
-when mom or dad leaves
-the doctor

-we're working on body parts-and he can do his eyes and mouth
-He can say: "Mom", "Dad", "more", "ball", "done", "banana" "no"
-He loves waving goodbye and hello
-He gives really good gooey kisses
-He wakes up around 7:30 or 8, takes a nap at 10:45 and another around 3:30 and is in bed at eight.
He is waking up one to two times a night though.
-He loves crawling up stairs, can't go down them yet.
-He is good at communicating what he does not want, by us asking him and him saying "no no no" until we get it right :)

Baby C is such a good boy.  He is so fun to be with every day and I love him so much.  
New favorite pose
Hooray for little boys!



  1. I can't believe how big he has gotten Ken! That is so fun. Need to see you guys soon.

    1. Thanks Kels- it's so fun watching them grow! Excited to see you hopefully soon! :)