Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday O!

 Today is my little brother O's birthday.
He has always been such a tease :)

I can't believe he is sixteen.

O was due on Halloween, and I remember trick or treating with my mom, hoping that she would go into labor that night.  But we had to wait a little longer, and O was born on the fourth.

He was the CUTEST baby.  O was so happy, and always was smiling.  
They will forever be this big in my heart. 
O has always been so sensitive and caring about all of us.  

He is really smart, and shares a love of reading with me.
He has a HUGE imagination!!!
He has always had fun ideas to make adventure!
He is really talented, recently playing in the regional high school marching band competition.  

Anyway, we love you O!
Happy Birthday!!!!

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