Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Fail

This month has been a crazy one for our little family.

We kind of failed on the whole Halloween thing...
but I was determined to make it to a pumpkin patch.

Mr. H got out of school early, I looked up what I thought would be a great patch and we set off.  

Unfortunately, a 25 minute drive turned into an hour drive.

Also unfortunately I forgot a drink for poor C who had just finished a peanut butter sandwich.

So we had a lovely cry/whine/scream fest for about 40 minutes of our excursion.

We arrived at the patch just as the sun had gone down...

the patch was a little bit of a disappointment.

"Pick your Own" here meant walk into a field and decide which pumpkin to pick off the ground.

Clearly I was delusional when I thought it actually meant 'pick off the vine'.  It was tiny, we were the only people there and we were starving.

C did have fun picking his pumpkin and riding in the wagon, but had a complete melt down when we had to leave the wagon behind.  

Mr. H decided we should stop for dinner as it was late and we were still an hour from home.  

We put wendy's into our gps, which told us there was one 5 minutes away.  

We told C we would finally get a drink, but then proceeded to get lost trying to find that darn Wendy's for the next half hour.  When we finally reached it, we were elated.

I think that twenty minutes in Wendy's was heaven.  C was so happy to finally get a drink of water, and I was so happy we were on our way home.

We laughed about what a fiasco it had been, but that's what making memories is all about, right? :)


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  1. Oh my gosh, you're so right! That is the most pathetic pumpkin patch! But this was such a hilarious post to me I had to read it out loud to Levi. :)