Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's feeling a little like summer...

Ah...the weather has warmed right up.  Today was 85 degrees.  I can hardly believe it.

Mr. H and I celebrated our 4th anniversary.  He took me to a great little restaurant called Tascas, and we left baby T for the first time.  It was a nice outing, and a nice night.  Life has been a little hectic lately, and it was a nice hour and a half to just relax together.  

We enjoyed many park dates, and have loved playing in our yard. We are loving our neighborhood!  It is SO pretty.  

Mr. H finished up his classes and finals last week, which has been AMAZING.  I forget how much fun he can be when he's not stressed. :)  We've caught up on our favorite shows, gone to the park and played with our boys as much as we can.  

Last weekend was was nice to just simply relax and do stuff together.  We went to a sweet baptism, cleaned, do a home depot craft and bought swim suits for the boys. (Yes I did veto the batman it bad that I want these boys to match? :) )  I loved having what felt like a REAL Saturday.  

On Sunday we went and explored Mt. Auburn cemetery.  It was beautiful!  So many exquisite trees and flowers, and the view from the top was pretty awesome.  

Monday I discovered a darling grocery store called Russo's.  It's a floral shop + Grocery store + Italian market rolled into one.  I bought a picnic dinner and we went up to a place called Fresh Pond in Cambridge for FHE.  It was as lovely as could be.  I love having Mr. H around more so that we can do fun things like this together!  

And lastly...I did my first big outing with the boys today!  Every year, Boston Public Garden's host a Return of the Swans.  The two swans, Romeo and Juliet, come back to the gardens, and they read a children's book (Make way for ducklings), and then lead a children's parade with a little marching band while holding the swans.  They launch them into the pond, and the mayor of the town speaks.  I really wanted to go.  We got downtown, and by some miracle I found a parking spot right on the gardens.  It was REALLY tight, but I was thrilled I found a spot.  C and T were a dream, and we had a great time with friends. After the launch, they provided free ice cream and cookies, and it was delightful.  I was really nervous about getting out of my parking spot, but another miracle fell into my path.  The owner of the car in front of me got there at the same time, and moved his car so I could get out.  It was so nice.   It felt good to get out and do something that we could all enjoy together.  

It's been so fun to explore where we live even more.  I love discovering new places, and it's fun to do it with Mr. H.  

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