Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kid isms

Boston is amazing.  A couple of months ago, I might have started to disagree with that statement, but I have to say, the spring weather has made me almost entirely forget the winter weather.  

Seriously. Everything is blooming, the weather is breezy and perfect and people are oh so much happier!

Baby T is growing like a weed...he's starting to coo and smile a lot more.  I feel like he's out of the newborn stage, which is really nice for me.  He loves C.  C is an AMAZING brother.  He looks out for baby T, and always tries to cheer him up.  T loves staring at C, and loves it when we play games and sing songs together.

This is his I'm not going to sleep face. :)
C is getting pretty cute at singing songs.  My favorite of his, however, has been "pattercakes".  :)  I don't know why he pronounces it this way, but it's pretty cute and we love hearing him say it.  he also LOVES playing the piano and singing a long.

C's also been calling us out lately on things we do.  When Mr. H and I get in a disagreement, C will ask, "Daddy, are you making mommy mad?"  The other day I was getting pretty frustrated and started complaining about something.  C said, "Mommy.  Stop whining.  You stop being frustrated, and you can be happy!"  Ha.  He's pretty cute.  

Baby T and I headed back to church.  It's gone very well.  I have forgotten how nice it is to relax in the mother's room and chat with the other moms.

I got very spoiled and was able to have a lot of fun outings with friends. I had such a good time, and Mr. H was a great sport.

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