Sunday, April 26, 2015

Springtime has hit Boston!

Can I just say that out here in Boston, we REALLY needed springtime.  Lucky for us, it finally came!

It has been gorgeous weather around here.  I have loved going out with the two boys---it really helps so much.  Flowers are starting to bloom, and we even had one 70 degree day.  It was monumental.  

We've slowly started to adjust having two kids.  It's pretty manageable when we're together, but it's a little harder when it's just one of us.  We've started grocery shopping all together, which I think is more fun.  :)  We've also started going to the park a lot more, which is also a blast.  

Mr. H's dad went in for a very big heart surgery.  We've been really worried about him, and it has been hard to not be there with the H family.  The surgery itself went pretty well, but the recovery has been filled with set backs.  We are all praying very hard for him, and love him so much.  

Mr. H is almost done with the semester!  So excited!!!!

I've had so many sweet people helping me out here in Boston.  It truly is such a blessing and miracle to be surrounded by so many good people.  Everyone has helped me in more ways than I can count.  

We got to celebrate Patriot's Day out here, (which we didn't even know was a holiday) and that was great.  The Saturday before, we drove up to Lexington (one of my favorite towns in New England) and watched a REENACTMENT!!!  I have been wanting to see one of these for AGES.  It was really cool.  C hated it, and it was really loud, but it was a really fun experience.

C doesn't really know about guns yet, but he does have some cheap water guns at home.  We told him that there would be guns there (to prepare him) and he started shouting as they started shooting, "Their water guns are TOO LOUD!!!"

On Monday, we were able to go to the Boston Marathon, which was AWESOME!  We went with some other people in our ward, and set up around mile 20, which is right at the beginning of what is known as heartbreak hill.  We got there pretty early, and saw the paraplegic athletes, as well as the elite athletes.  It was amazing.  You know their going fast when it's been 1 hour and 30 minutes, and they're already at mile 20.  Crazy.  It was a fun time.  

People were there handing out yogurt...and it was really really good yogurt! :)

C and his buddy M cheering the runners on.  

It was a little chilly. :)

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