Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a lovely Easter 2015.

It was our church's General Conference, which is always lovely.

It was, however, much harder to listen to it this year.  A talkative two year old and newborn will do that to you I guess. :)

Saturday we watched Conference and dyed our Easter Eggs.  I accidentally got brown eggs, but I actually loved how they turned out.  Mr. H was not convinced. 

Mr. H enjoyed a fun guys night out for the priesthood session.  

The next morning we enjoyed a yummy breakfast, and then did an Easter Egg hunt outside for C.

He LOVED it.

I'm excited for when he has a little more competition though. :)

He would ooh and aw over every cute.

We then did the Hansen family annual Easter Egg roll.  It was so fun---C was so cute!  He loved rolling the eggs at each other and LOVED it when it cracked! ha.  I was the proud winner this year!

Then our friend came over and took a couple of family pictures of all of us.  It was so nice of them!

We then watched conference and relaxed!!!

After the last session, some friends came over for Easter dinner.  It was really fun.  I always miss family over holidays, and having some people over helped me feel like it was a real holiday. :)

Overall it was a great day.  I'm so grateful for our Savior, and so grateful for the messages He taught.

the winning egg :)

C accidentally smashed one with his hand. :)

our little Easter bunny


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