Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our baby is one month!

Baby T turned one month.  

Like with C, I decided to do a little photo shoot.  

T's stats:

At one month:
9 lbs
21 inches long
head is 14.5 inches

He's been smiling!  He got hit hard with baby acne, and has also been pretty gassy.  He loves being held, and hates his swing.  

He also really doesn't like his binky, but can sometimes be coaxed into taking it.  He likes walking around.  He likes the ergo baby carrier, but puts his arms against my chest and pushes out so he can see everything.  He also does not like being swaddled.  He is still in all his newborn clothing.

Favorite moments of the month:
When he first smiled at me!!!
All the snuggles.
He truly loves his big brother C.

We love our little baby T!

Can't forget big brother C!!! @ 2 yrs 8 months :)

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