Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby T's second week!

It was really sad saying goodbye to grandma S.  

We were lucky and got to have Mr. H's mom come too!  She took the train all the way to Boston.  She got delayed (a train got derailed) but she arrived the day after my mom left.  

We were so happy to have her here!  She had never been to Boston before, and it was fun showing her some of the sights.  She spoiled us as she always does, and played for hours with C.  We were so lucky to have her come!

It was nice to have her here when Mr. H went back to work.  She really helped that transition go so smoothly. 

C loves his "Super Grandma!"

He made Grandma T squat down with him for the picture. :)

Loved eating at Faneuil Hall---it was baby T's first outing!

We sure lucked out to have two great moms.  Seriously: we were so grateful for both of their help and love during this time.  

Grandmas are the best!

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