Saturday, September 7, 2013


We got to see James Taylor in concert last night!!!!
I grew up listening to James (I just loving using his first name now ha)  all the time.  My dad loved him, his songs were soothing, and then my brother started playing them on the guitar.  His song's have always just made me feel better.  They truly touch my heart. 

So when I found out the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was singing with him, I was stoked.  We signed up to get free tickets, but didn't get them. So Mr. H was kind enough to brave downtown and go standby with me.  Our sweet friends watched C, and we got to the line early.  It was so wonderful, a nice man gave me two extra tickets.  We were able to eat our homemade dinner at City Creek, and then made it to the Conference Center with plenty of time to spare.  

The concert was amazing.  OC Tanner teamed up with the choir to give a concert to the community.  It was a gift.  The Utah Symphony also played.  There were folk songs, spirituals, and broadway favorites.  And then of course, James.  He was amazing!!! He is 65, and I was so impressed with how well he could still sing.  He walked onto the stage and I burst into tears.  It was truly a once in a lifetime for me. :)  

James singing "Sweet Baby James" a cowboy lullaby he wrote for his nephew.  (This is a little younger version of him ha)

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