Friday, September 27, 2013


This week has felt relaxed, but we've tried to fill it with activities as to not go stir crazy in our little apartment :) 

There's been 
grocery shopping
cold cold weather---
running in the pitch black mornings
teaching my first English lesson
mall shopping
craft shopping
baby C loving the stairs
baby C saying "ball" every five seconds
reading lots of books
planning meetings
fun phone calls and visits
visiting my dad's work
making delicious fall soups
watching tv premieres
birthday shopping for a certain Mr. H
oh and baby C was given a free book at the store for being so cute.  I told him to not get used to it :)

Mr. H is doing a lot of school and work.  And it's a lot!  C and I are becoming best pals again.
But nothing will ever take the place of his daddy.
C helping dad with homework
I went to City Creek with baby C yesterday. Just for fun.  I love having the freedom to do that.  
I stopped by my favorite store Anthropologie and coveted everything in that store.
So pretty.  I came home and told Mr. H how fun it would be to shop there for real, and not just pretend shop.  This scared him, as it is difficult to find pieces there under $75. :)
So.  I have an idea.  
What if I could take their ideas, and create them myself?
I know. I have to be able to sew first.  
But if I could, wouldn't the world be my limit???? 
So this is my new ambition.  
To find cheaper versions of what I want to wear, and then tailor and detail them so I love them.  

K---so I was thinking with the sweater on the left: buying an old DI sweater or something, finding cute floral fabric and refashioning it...we shall see if that works.

And then for the picture on the left-I don't think it would be too difficult to take a fun shirt, cut it down the middle and add buttons.  

Again. We shall see. :)

I also just read a book called "The Uglies".  It was kind of the typical young adult novel, you know: female heroine, young love, intense situations.  But it was really good.  I loved the idea behind it.  The world inside the book has convinced everyone that they are "ugly" hence the "uglies", and when they are sixteen, they receive an operaton to make them beautiful.  Then they are called the "pretties".  This book really dove into the meaning of being beautiful.  Are we so brainwashed by our society that we can't see our own beauty so we have to spend hundreds of dollars on products, surgeries, or treatments?  It really hit home for me.  I've been thinking a lot on the whole physical appearance thing.  It's HARD. And I would make a safe bet that it's HARD for almost everyone.  
I'm still working on sorting my feelings, but I do love this website.  
Anyway, there will probably be more to come on this topic.  :)

Well-here's to a nice weekend to all!

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