Monday, September 30, 2013


Saturday evening I got to attend the Annual Relief Society Meeting.  It is always so amazing to go to the conference center and see so many women gathered together.  The spirit was so strong, and all the messages were so great.  I got to go with my mom, and we had such a nice time.  I came away with a sense of peace that God is always there, and His love is always extended towards me.  I know that even in our darkest moments, if we turn to Him, He will be there to comfort us and lift our burdens.  

Sundays are always nice to get a break. We all took a 4 hour nap, which felt divine.  :)

This week already looks tough.  Mr. H has so many things going on, and is constantly just trying to keep his head afloat.  We are trying to learn to balance.  But I do believe that life is constantly learning new things.  It's constantly being pushed to our limits.  It's becoming who we are supposed to be. As someone taught in church yesterday, it's like a Monet painting.  Zoomed up really close, you can't tell what the picture is, but the further you get away, you see the beautiful image.  Each tiny stroke makes up the picture.  Sometimes we can't see the big picture, but if we can focus on the day by day, we will end up creating our own masterpiece.  

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